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Best UV Protective Sunwear for Families #giveaways

style="clear: both; text-align: center;">UV Protective Sunwear is extremely important if your family spends any time outdoors at this time of year. There are a few great options for UV protective sunwear. This is one of my favourites.
In the summer time, when the weather is hot, and even when the weather is not, we spend a ton of time outdoors. This year we have a pool and we are swimming almost daily. There isn’t a lot of shade out by our pool and naturally, in this beautiful summer weather, skin protection and sun safety rank extremely high as priorities. The kids know the slip, slop and slap idea from school and we are pretty vigilant. It gets harder as the kids get older though because frankly they want to do it themselves, and yet, they won’t remember always to put that sunscreen on without reminders. So sun protective wear is a must. Even tweens can remember to put sunwear on.
My girls are both opposites in skin tone and, personality as well. My oldest girl is extremely fair skinned and she needs high coverage to keep her skin from burning. My younger child hasn’t had a burn yet, thankfully. She has inherited a much darker natural skin tone. I am always on the prowl for tools like excellent UV protective sunwear to help them stay safe in the sun. That’s how I found UV Skinz protective sunwear. UV Skinz has sun protective clothing for every member of the family, from baby to Mom and Dad.
In June, I contacted UV Skinz to see if they would be interested in partnering with us for a review and giveaway here on Thrifty Momma’s Tips. I was thrilled when they offered up two of their extremely high quality UPF 50 + sunwear shirts for review and an item of choice for one reader as well.
I knew that UV Skinz had a great reputation as high quality. But there were a few things I did not know:
for instance I did not know that UV Skinz carries a certified rating of UPF 50 +.
UV Skinz is a company dedicated to protective sunwear, unlike many other companies that add sunwear as an afterthought.
I have noted that UV Skinz shirts are soft to the touch, quick drying and chlorine and salt water resistant. They are also anti-microbial. UV Skins are chemical free, and more effective than sunscreen often because it’s easy to miss spots with sunscreen. It’s also easy to under apply sunscreen. UV Skinz don’t wash off or soak in to the skin.
UV Skinz started with a tragedy and was built out of passion. Company creator and CEO, Rhonda, lost her 32 year old husband, Darren, to melanoma. The devastating loss inspired Rhonda daily to raise awareness about the life-saving benefits of protecting oneself—and loved ones—from harmful exposure to UV rays. Rhonda created a UPF 50+ certified sun protective line for the entire family (sizes 3mo-4XL), which allows men, women, and children to practice sun safety, while also providing them with the peace-of-mind to LIVE and HAVE FUN outdoors. UV Skinz prides itself on being the most fun, fashionable, and affordable sunwear on the market. All products are chemical-free, resulting in less chemicals on the skin and in the environment.

UV Skinz Protective Sunwear

You can live in these skins. The UV Skinz size chart is here and easy to read. You can find more information about the products and about skin cancer on Pinterest as well.
You can also find UV Skinz on most social channels: 
Right now, my readers can use this code to get a discount: BLOGS10 The code will allow readers to receive 10% off their order when entered during checkout. This code will be set to expire at the end of July.
The UV Skinz sunwear does not fit as tight as some rash guard shirts. The sizing is quite comfortable.  UV Skinz has a product that will protect every member of the family from sun damage to their skin. UV Skinz has graciously offered one prize of any branded UV Skinz product of choice (subject to availability for one of my readers.) Follow the instructions below to win. Good Luck!

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