1. Christy Garrett says

    These are excellent ideas. Even if you can’t give money, you can find other ways to cheer people up. Often times we think of giving material items, but visiting a someone who is sick or making them a homemade card will make someone smile just as easily. 🙂

  2. Amiyrah Martin says

    I just visited our local food bank to ask when they let children volunteer (some food banks don’t allow kids to help). The Sunday before Christmas, we’ll be down there helping to send food to families in need on Christmas day.

  3. Debra Rutt says

    These are great tips. At both our church and at my kids school they have giving trees that they pick out and select the gifts and help wrap. We also take them food shopping with us to buy supplies for our local food pantry – they help bring the bags in. My kids are both young, but I want them to know and be responsible about helping others.

  4. KentuckyCooking says

    Great ideas! I’ve done Operation Christmas Child since I was in college and it’s one of my favorite ways to give back during the holidays. I love that I can now take my daughter with me to help pick out little treats for our boxes 🙂