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For Curly-haired Girls Especially: Review

This post is for all those curly-haired girls out there. My daughter Ainsley and I both have curly hair. Curly-haired girls often get noticed. But we also have a love hate relationship with our hair. Our hair can be an instrument of torture. Nobody gets tangles like curly-haired girls. When we are little we suffer through agonizing hours of brushing, tugging and ripping hair out by the roots. When we are older we learn to hunt for the products that will nourish our hair, which is often dryer than straight hair and certainly more prone to damage, leaving split ends and tangles. I received a bottle of Matrix Biolage Detangling Solution, light conditioning from the ladies at @TheKit, Canada’s First Digital Beauty magazine, while I was attending ShesConnected #SCCTO last month. We are always on the prowl here for detanglers, and usually we use spray-in products, so I couldn’t wait to try this conditioner. Biolage Detangling Solution Light Conditioning makes my hair look healthier and shinier and that’s not easy in November when curly hair turns to straw. Its light formula works for both of us. I have been using it every other day and my daughter has been using it a couple times a week. I have noticed a much easier comb through after using the product and am generally in love with the light formula. It is gentle, unlike the clumpy drugstore conditioners that are so thick they leave hair looking dull and heavy. It is not overly fragrant, which for me is an issue because there are a lot of fragrance sensitive people in the world. Biolage Hydrotherapie products are made with aloe and wheat germ, algae and sage. They are available only at salons. This is a product I would spend upto $20.00 on because it works for both of the curly-haired girls in this family. Thanks @TheKit, Matrix and ShesConnected. This one gets $$$$$ out of $$$$$

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