Maze Printable – Help The Pirate Ship Find The Palm Trees

Have fun with this!

I love printables. Free puzzles, printables and crosswords make me happy. I hope they also make you happy. These printables remind me of vacations we have taken together as a family. When the kids were small I would keep a batch of these on hand for road trips and airplane trips too. Activities like these were great for the budget.

Help the ship go through a maze and find tropical island with palms. Enjoy this educational game for children. This maze printable might keep them busy for a few minutes. Plus there’s a bit of a pirate theme that appeals to preschoolers with big imaginations too! My own nephew is mad for pirate stuff. Then pop over to the Pinterest free printables board for more.

Maze Printable

By the way you just have to right click on the above image and save to print. This is the one and only time I agree to letting people take an image from this blog. I have a few other maze printables on the Pinterest printables board so be sure to visit for more.

I give you permission to print this maze printable. Have fun!

What kind of puzzles and printables are you looking for? I would love some fresh ideas too.

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