Free Thanksgiving Coloring Sheet Printable

Happy Thanksgiving my friends! Thanksgiving was this past weekend in Canada. I know you still have a few weeks to go though in the United States. Food wise, this is one of my favourite holidays! Fall produces so many rich and scrumptious versatile foods that help turn your Thanksgiving meal into a real celebration.

What’s your favourite part about this season and Thanksgiving? I’ll just bet that turkey is in there somewhere. Anyways while you are busy doing that sometimes the kids need to be kept busy. Hopefully this Thanksgiving coloring sheet will help.

thanksgiving 3 paula


This year when I sent my kids to camp for a week I tucked several free printables into the letters from home. They didn’t complete all of them but they loved getting them. I know it’s too early to be thinking about camp for next year but consider this: If you have a grandson or granddaughter, a niece or nephew, or even a neighbour, these Thanksgiving coloring sheet printables are easy options for them to complete. You can tuck one into a letter and surprise them with mail. What kid doesn’t like mail? My niece and nephews love it still and my kids used to really enjoy getting mail from people. I also enjoy sending it to them.

Do not forget to check out my turkey recipe here. Ways to use leftover turkey to make a meal.


There are two ways to get this Thanksgiving coloring sheet. Right click above image, save and print. OR click on the highlighted PDF below and then print it out. The below image should be a much clearer picture of the Thanksgiving coloring sheet. Happy coloring and Happy Thanksgiving too! Pay attention to this space for Halloween crafts  too.

thanksgiving 3 paula

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