Friendship Friday – Pets

This is a little something new I thought I might try here tonight, because it is topical here at our house. Friendship Friday is a Bloghop. This week’s theme is Pets.

These are ours.

These are our fur babies. They are ready to  move on now. This summer my girls learned that the pet store is sometimes wrong when they tell you that your guinea pigs are both girls. We ended up with a surprise litter of the sweetest babies ever. I am a wee bit worried about the girl’s concept of the birth process though. The guinea pig barely made a hint of noise and simply started showing three days before birth. Then magically they were there one morning. She had somehow cleaned them all up and was nursing them immediately running around and generally being really efficient about the whole process. 
My girls were crazy over the moon for the babies. Oh they are so cute. But after 6 weeks (3 nursing and 3 after that before they can be moved from the mom) well they are finally ready to leave the mom and find their own homes. I think this guy in daughter’s hands already has a home. But hey there are at least two left. Any takers?

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