Kettle Brand Potato Chips: Birthday Flavors

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Dirty little secret. 
I like my potato chips. Tiny fitness faux pas, but you know if I workout hard the rest of my week then I can have a small treat one or two nights, right? 
Kettle Brand potato chips have been around now for 30 years and in honor of their birthday, they have released a mess of incredible creative flavor combinations. Limited edition. To be quite honest, I rarely stray from my lovely standby of sea salt and vinegar. So when I saw Jalapeno flavor and Cheddar and Beer, and even Salsa Mesquite, well I was a bit scared. I saved Jalapeno for last and we had Cheddar and Beer last night (which I loved. Husband was lukewarm on that one.) But Red Chili was one we all loved, a bit barbecue, a hint of spicy chili and then tonight I was blown away by the remarkable and unique combo of Salsa with Mesquite. And Jalapeno has a wicked kick, but not violently harsh. My new favorite of all these six birthday edition chip flavors is Salsa Mesquite.
Happy Birthday Kettle. These new flavors, formerly retired variations, are remarkable. Congratulations on 30 years of quality potato chips with all natural ingredients. Find yours soon.
Disclosure: I received free product to facilitate this review. My opinion is all my own.

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