Valentine’s Day Bouquets – The Classic “I Love You”

Valentine’s Day bouquets are the classic “I love you” gift. They’re a wonderful way to show someone how much you care. The wonderful scents. The beautiful blooms. The colours. Flowers, especially Valentine’s Day bouquets, are the most romantic thing in the world to me. They’re so classic, and they have this way of making me feel appreciated, loved and cheerful. Sigh… I love them.

Valentine's Day Bouquets

The Best Valentine’s Day Bouquets

If you’re going to give a bouquet as a Valentine’s Day gift – and you should – make sure you get the best of the best. I love Teleflora bouquets. Their blooms are always beautiful and long lasting. That’s the winning combo. Because who wants to get a bouquet that’s dead in a day or two? I’ve gotten all manner of bouquets from Teleflora, and they are always stunning arrangements that LAST. That’s the main thing for me.

Teleflora’s Valentine’s Day bouquets are professionally designed and hand made by a local Teleflora florist in you area. That’s how they stay so fresh and beautiful. They’re made in your own backyard. This year, Teleflora’s arrangements include some major beauties.

Valentine's Day Bouquets

Shining Heart Bouquet

This is the bouquet that I was sent by Teleflora this month, and it is just beautiful. It’s a vibrant mix of rich, red roses, purple alstromeria, huckleberry, and lush floral stems – all professionally arranged in a shimmering red keepsake vase with a sparking rhinestone heart. Love the red vase actually. It’s a keepsake.

Love’s Passion Bouquet

Features deep red roses, delicate pink alstroemeria, seeded eucalyptus, and other fresh, beautiful blooms in a pink keepsake vase with gold metallic script.

Swirling Heart Bouquet

A charming Valentine’s Day bouquet perfect for friends and family. This bouquet features dark pink and red roses and carnations in a glazed stoneware container with a beautiful heart design.

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Valentine’s Day Bouquets are Always a Great Choice

Here’s the thing, flowers are classic. I don’t know who thought of using them as gifts, but I’m glad they did. A beautiful bouquet from my husband is always a treat. A bouquet from a good friend is appreciated and a bouquet from a client indicating gratitude, well that’s golden too. That’s the power of bouquets.

This year, give your significant other or extra special family member any of Teleflora’s great Valentine’s Day bouquets. They’re always a beautiful choice.

I received product for consideration on the site. My opinion is all my own. 

(All Valentine’s Day 2016 bouquets are available for sale now at in standard, deluxe or premium size options.)

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  • Alli Smith

    I love receiving flowers for Valentine’s Day. It’s even better when they don’t die the next day. Your bouquet is gorgeous and it’s nice to know that it will stay fresh longer. The keepsake vase is pretty too.

  • candy

    If given the choice I would rather have flowers over candy any day. Brighten up the room and are such a great reminder of who gave them to you long after Valentines Day is over.

  • Jeanette

    These are some beautiful flowers! It would be fun to get something like this for Valentine’s Day I know I would love it. I may have to give a big hint to my husband on this. LOL

  • Pam

    Flowers are such a great way to make someone feel special. These flowers from Teleflora are beautiful, and would make a great gift.

  • Destany

    I’ve never much been a fan of giving flowers, but I have on occassion. My favorite flowers are daisies, Gerberas, actually. The only time my husband sends me flowers it’s always those.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    I love looking at pretty flowers but I am more of the practical type. I prefer a gift that would last a long time, inexpensive but with lots of memories associated with it. Your bouquet looks beautiful though. Teleflora really went all out to choose a very pretty arrangement.

  • Amanda

    Such gorgeous flowers! The only thing I request for Valentine’s Day every year is a heart shaped pizza and beautiful flowers. Your bouquet is gorgeous!

  • R U S S

    Oooh, the arrangement is lovely. Bouquets, roses, and flowers will always be my favorite Valentine’s presents. You can never go wrong with them.

  • Dee

    I always love receiving flowers and this bouquet is just beautiful. The best part is to have them delivered when your at work so you can show them off.

  • adriana

    These flowers are stunning!! I love the colors! Getting flowers is something I don’t think anyone gets tired of – they always make the home smell and look beautiful and the meaning is always #1! Love your bouquet!

  • Mimi Green

    This bouquets are quite beautiful. I’m not the flowers type because I’m allergic and I don’t know how to keep them alive. My mom has a green thumb so I love to get her beautiful bouquets for Valentine’s Day.

  • Natalie

    Flowers have a way of brightening any day! These bouquets are gorgeous with variety behind just classic red roses.