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Gaiam Premium Reversible Cushioned Yoga Mats

I have been practicing Yoga and Centergy for over a decade now. My routine makes me feel better and I have more energy. In fact, I am also much more flexible when I work out regularly, striving to achieve bird pose, or crocodile, in a room full of adults reaching for their own tree, or airplane, on their yoga mats. For me, Yoga was a way to gain some sense of calm after we adopted our second daughter Ainsley. The relaxation and quiet space of meditation, plus the physical ability required to maintain poses and balance helped me to build my strength. Yoga requires very little and can be done anywhere.


Gaiam Premium Reversible Yoga Mats and Toe Socks

I have always used Gaiam Yoga mats and various Gaiam products because they are affordable and they last. Their yoga mats are easy to find, available at many stores on line, and in person, and they are also durable. Lately though, I have been thinking it’s time for a mat with more cushioning.

I’ve been doing Centergy, which is a mix of yoga and pilates set to top 20 music and consisting also of a body flow component. That combination challenges me a bit more than intermediate yoga or yoga on the ball. It allows me to grow. Every day is a little bit different in Centergy. Balance is also a key goal in Centergy and I know that balance is important for me for so many reasons. It helps to protect the brain and the body as it ages.

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As my strength and flexibility grow, I am able to push myself harder. My hip, core and leg strength have come a long way. Skiing has also helped improve my core and leg strength. But that said when I do some poses that are designed to focus on hips, knees and legs I find my feet and knees take much of the burden of the poses, and the mat I have been using is not quite enough of a cushion between the floor and my joints. This is especially true when I do pigeon, swan pose and lizard sometimes too. I’d been meaning to shop for a new yoga mat with a bit more comfort and padding, but then I found Gaiam had a new Premium Reversible cushioned yoga mat and they sent me one to try. This new Gaiam yoga mat is 5 mm so I decided to try it out during a weekend session here at my home. This week I will take it with me to my classes at the YMCA.


I like the extra cushioning of the 5 mm yoga mat and I love that this one is reversible with a gorgeous print on either side. Gaiam has been making yoga mats for over 25 years. This Gaiam yoga mat is free of six harmful phthalates. The dimensions of the mat are 68 L by 24 W by 5 mm. I like everything about this brand and will use this often. Nobody else in my class has this pattern yet so bonus because it won’t get mixed up with anyone else’s. Gaiam also sent me some Yoga toe socks which I have actually never used until now. I was curious to try them because of the grips on the bottom and as warm as you get in yoga sometimes, and in Centergy too, the warmth rarely extends to the feet.


Plus I hate feeling like I might slip when doing certain poses and balancing. So I think the grippers on the bottom of the toe socks will be great to use on a regular basis. The toe socks take a bit of getting used to though. They feel peculiar between each toe but I am sure I will get used to that.

Gaiam Yoga Mats

Right now the mat has a bit of a new product odour so I have put it near a window for a bit. I know this is a mat made without harsh phthalates so I feel comfortable with these Gaiam yoga mats, but this one needs to air out a bit regardless. My old mat was the Tree of Life Gaiam Mat.

Gaiam Canada provided me with product for purposes of this post. My opinion is all my own and it is truthful as well. This post also contains affiliate links.

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