Gemmies Crystal Creations for Crafty Kids #TMMGG16

Gemmies Crystal Creations are the craft du jour for crafty kids this year. If you have a crafty tween or teen then you know the struggle. I am always hunting for things to keep them busy. Oh it sounds nutty, but my thinking is this – give them crafts and things to keep their hands busy and they will be less likely to build baking soda volcanoes in the bathroom. Laugh it up, but that’s exactly what my kids would do.

Craft kits like Gemmies Crystal Creations are crucial to my sanity. In fact, craft kits are a big part of my gifting strategy this time of year. Birthdays or Christmas presents – Gemmies is a cute little idea for the craft loving kiddo you need to buy for this season.


When people ask me what to give my daughters I will often tell them gift cards or craft kits. Crafty kids like to make things and their hands need to be kept busy. Gemmies Crystal Creations by Tech 4 Kids  is a craft kit that lets you make jewelry, flowers, or figurines out of the gems provided in the packages.


The concept is cute and fun. And the final products are really unique. The Gemmies design studio is well organized and just the right size. It comes with a divider drawer or section for each of the various coloured gems and connectors. There is a stretcher tool that helps you to build the creations in sections. There is also a light up display area of sorts, to show your Gemmies off. The ice cream cone doesn’t stand up though. Ours is shown on its side here. The light up display feature requires two Triple A batteries.


Now although this product says made for ages six and up I would not recommend this for any six year old. In fact, if your six-year-old can make these then I think they qualify as a child genius. The templates are simple enough once the steps are broken down. But I can tell you that I would feel better if this was tagged for 8 and up or even 9 and up. My oldest daughter, a teen made these with me. There are a lot of small bits and this requires much fine motor control. My younger daughter doesn’t have the patience for this kind of craft. She is 12. I tell you this because this is not the kind of craft kit that every child will excel at our enjoy.


Gemmies Crystal Creations are cute when complete and kind of fun to do, in the same way that making rainbow loom bracelets can be hypnotic fun too. The Gemmies Design Studio comes with numerous templates and all the gems you need to make a clownfish, puppy dog or ice cream cone. The Design Studio has 500 pieces.


Gemmies Design Centre and booster packs are a great gift for girls, aged 8 or 9 and up. They are not overly expensive and you can add to them. I have seen a few complaints that the templates limit creativity. Honestly I feel like they guide the child to complete a task. The final toy is a 3 D crystal creation and it’s kind of charming. 3 D everything is hot, in fact. I can see Gemmies Crystal Creations being a fidget craft toy. As in, I could see leaving this one in the recreation room craft drawer so my kids could pull it out at their leisure and build a 3 D figurine while also watching TV. My older child does that kind of thing often.

This toy is not for everyone. But it is fun and affordable and for a child who is patient and even fidgety, who likes to build and craft this could be a lot of fun.

I received product for purposes of the gift guide here. My opinion is all my own. This post contains an affiliate link to help my readers buy directly if interested.

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