Gift Ideas for Tweens this Christmas

Gift ideas for tweens is the name of the game today. While a lot of other gift guides feature dozens of toys, many of them high priced gaming platforms, I’m taking a different approach. I’m going with two affordable options that make great stocking stuffers or straight up gifts. Why you say? Well, not everyone can afford to buy a Nintendo Switch or iPhone X. And more than that, sometimes it’s the little gift ideas that are really the most fun.

Two Gift Ideas for Tweens that Cover All the Bases

These two gems are perfect for any tween. They pretty much cover everything. One is super cute with just the right amount of grossness, and one makes for an easy, non-violent way for kids to get out there competitive angst. Everybody wins!

Poo-Nicorn Emoji Pillow

That’s right, Poo-Nicorn. As in poo. The Poo-Nicorn is an 18″ cuddly blue poop emoji pillow with a rainbow tuft of hair surrounding a unicorn horn. It’s awesome! The Blue Poo-Nicorn Emoji Pillow also features adorably huge eyes and a cute little smile, that make the entire pillow so incredibly cute while having just enough gross to be an absolute delight. They make the perfect gift for any tween girl, because even girls appreciate potty humor. Trust me my youngest niece gets this kind of humour even while still dressing like a princess. My girls still enjoy it too. Never gets old.

HEXBUG BattleBots Rivals (Minotaur and Beta)

If your kids are like mine, Hexbug is a brand that is well know and loved. So this year the addition of BattleBots to their lineup is a welcome one. I love that the kids are into it, because it promotes an interest in STEM using (robot) violence. LOL. Building these robots requires the ability to code, wire, and construct robots, which serves to get the kids interested in learning about the science behind it all.

Now tweens can bring the fun of steel cage robot death matches into their living rooms with HEXBUGS BattleBots Rivals. This pack features Minotaur and Beta. Both robots have magnetized and snap-together pieces that fly off on impact for authentic battle damage. They’re an excellent toy for the kids – both boys and girls – to engage in a little friendly rivalry. The best part? Emphasis on the word “friendly”. 😉


Gift Ideas for Tweens that Won’t Have you Taking out a Second Mortgage

These two gift ideas for tweens are perfect for bringing joy to the holiday season without woe to your bank account. The Poo-Nicorn is just the cutest pile of poop I’ve ever seen, and the BattleBots set is fun and exciting for both boys and girls. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to make the season bright without dipping too deeply into your bank account, these toys are the answer for you!

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