christmas tree treats

17 Easy Christmas Tree Treats

Are you getting geared up for the holidays yet? Have you started baking? I love cute themed treats this year and have gathered some adorable and easy Christmas Tree Treats from around the blogosphere for you to try at your leisure. Christmas Tree Treats are generally fairly simple to make. Cookie cutters always provide a good template to begin with and from there you can get creative with ingredients.

christmas tree treats
17 of my favourite Christmas tree treats from all over the blogosphere.

What is your favourite thing about the holidays? I love the shopping and giving part but I also enjoy the baking. Baking is a great way to get the entire family involved in Christmas. I have always been a fan of cooking and baking with my kids. Now that they are older they can easily manage in the kitchen sometimes by themselves. My one daughter is amazing at baking. Perhaps, I will go buy some of the ingredients to make these tasty Christmas tree treats and then let her loose in the kitchen and see how she does.

 17 Christmas Tree Treats

1. Christmas Tree Rice Krispie Treats
2. Peppermint Brownie Christmas Trees
3. Easy Christmas Tree Brownies
4. Christmas Tree Cupcakes
5. Christmas Tree Grahams
6. Rice Krispies Trees
7. Christmas Tree Cake
8. Sugar Cookie Christmas Tree
9. Christmas Tree Sugar Cookie Bars
10. Christmas Tree Pastries
11. Christmas Tree Waffles
12. Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree
13. Popcorn Christmas Tree
14. Coconut Macaroon Christmas Tree
15. Olive Christmas Tree
16. Christmas Tree Oreos
17. Christmas Tree Cheese Ball

Christmas Tree Treats are a great fun way to start hyping Christmas in your home. If you are at all organized then maybe you will start the baking early and stagger it. Some years I bake and freeze the extras so we have treats available when company comes.

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What is your favourite Christmas recipe?

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