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Get ready for another Linked Moms chat. Tonight we are joined by Devan McGuinness of Accustomed Chaos. She is one of the best resources on line for gluten free living advice and tips.
Tomorrow night #LinkedMoms chat welcomes @AccustomedChaos, otherwise known as, Devan McGuinness. Devan has celiac disease and is the author of a great blog about life with her three children and gluten free living. She also posts over at and Grief Unspoken.
I have been following Devan for close to three years. She was one of the earliest tweeple I followed and bloggers that read. I have always enjoyed her sensitive writing and her honesty. She is Canadian, says that she uses the Canadian-ism Eh! a lot and she writes incredibly moving and brave posts about miscarriage. (I have always loved her name frankly – Devan for a girl is one of my fave names of all time. It made my short list.)
We welcome her as guest at our chat and she has graciously promised to answer questions about gluten free living . Her entire home is gluten free, a fact that impresses me quite a lot actually. My youngest child was gluten free for about a six month period as we tested her to determine if she needed such a diet to manage behavioral symptoms and allergies we saw. That period of time was extremely hard work for me, cooking everything from scratch. Oh and the costs! Oh and not to forget #LinkedMoms @DownshiftingPRO Margarita is also gluten free now.
This chat is topical these days, we believe, as greater numbers of people even just within our social circles are now gluten free. All ages, genders, races and ethnicities. In fact, when I am out with one of my friends who maintains a gluten free diet I am keenly aware of which restaurants and caterers are on top of this demographic and which ones aren’t. There are many restaurants getting sensitive to other’s dietary needs. Most should be on board with this as a customer service.

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