Happy Cleaning with Hoover OnePWR Range

I am a 2019 Hoover Brand ambassador and, as such, I received compensation for this post. My opinion is my own and it is also truthful.

Happy Cleaning! Are you a happy cleaner? We all have that one friend, you know the one I mean, the friend who loves cleaning and finds it therapeutic. For the most part, I always thought those people were kind of kooky. Until recently anyways, when I found the new Hoover OnePWR Range.

Hoover OnePWR range is a system of home appliances that has your whole home covered. It is a soup to nuts easy cordless cleaning system.

Easy cleaning is happy cleaning in my books. Because I work from home I spend a massive amount of time at home. Sometimes I get bored and sometimes I need a distraction. Occasionally I just need to move, so why not vacuum, or clean the house?

Lately, that looks like me grabbing a Hoover cordless Blade +, or a Hoover cordless hand vacuum or a Hoover cordless sweeper to clean. My floors should actually be some of the cleanest around because I reach for my Hoover products so often it’s a bit obsessive.

There are four people in my house, and two of them are teens, so cleaning is also a part of the daily routine here. I tidy a little bit every day, so does my husband. We try to be clean, but let’s face it, life is messy. Make no mistake it is challenging, beautiful, rewarding and messy.

So easy to assembler that a teenager can do it. Truth.

This is why smart and easy cleaning options matter. Life is busy, so if we can find a brand or a tool that helps then I will sing my little heart out about it. That’s where Hoover OnePWR comes in. This new household cleaning system is rocking my world right now. It’s why I am happy cleaning, which is infinitely better than rage cleaning. Oh, I think we’ve all been there too, especially if you have teenagers. They tend to drop it and forget it. That kind of behaviour is madness, but also it is predictable in my house.

Blade + Canister is easily removable so you can empty it.

Witness my weekend in a nutshell every weekend actually…

Me – “Hey P: Where is that swimsuit?”

Her: ” Um, it is definitely, not in the middle of my floor.”

Nothing makes carpet smell less pleasant than a wet old swimsuit that sits for hours where it was dropped. And this is why I cannot wait to get using the Hoover OnePWR Floormate Jet, which vacuums while washing the floor. SWEET.

Why OnePWR Means Happy Cleaning

We all know Hoover is a great brand. They’ve been producing high-quality floor cleaning products for years. From vacuums to wet/dry vacs, Hoover has been synonymous with quality and ease for a century or more. Now they’ve made things even easier with their new OnePWR line of products.

OnePWR is a line of nine easy to use products that have a lot going for them. They’re powerful, cord-free, high-performance, and high-quality. They also all operate off of the same powerful Lithium-Ion battery, which means you don’t have to worry about different batteries for different machines.

Ease of Use

With no cords and one battery to power the entire line, it’s easier than ever to get your entire home clean. From uprights to handhelds and even powered sweepers for outdoor use, OnePWR meets every need and it meets them easily and powerfully. Their fully integrated system means you can pop one battery into any tool and be ready to go.

My family and I have recently started using this new system, and we love it. It’s so nice to just move the battery from the upright to the handheld unit to quickly clean up a smaller mess without having to dig around for a special battery or worry about recharging after every use. These batteries are powerful! And if you get two or three batteries, you’re always good to go no matter what.

Powerful Lithium-Ion Battery

As I said, Hoover’s Lithium-Ion is powerful. The new OnePWR 3.0 battery features an even longer running time than their previous model, making it even more convenient, and what’s more, that power is fade-free, so when you get close to the end of the charge, you don’t have to worry about loss of suction. That is HUGE to me. The suction on this line is excellent.

  • Lithium-Ion provides fade-free power
  • 50% longer runtime than their previous 2.0 model
  • Every battery works across every device
  • 4 LED lights show battery charge and usage level
  • Rapid Charge technology for a full charge in under 3.5 hours

A Complete Line of Products

In addition to ease of use, Hoover’s new OnePWR line also makes it easy to do any job with their complete range of products. Featuring everything from uprights to wet/dry vacs, you can do almost any job with their new line of cordless products. Here’s a complete list of what they have to offer.

  • FloorMate JET Hard Floor Cleaner
  • Wet/Dry Utility Vacuum
  • Hard Surface Sweeper for Patios, Porches, and Driveways
  • High-Performance Blower for Leaves and Driveways
  • Blade+ Vacuum Tool
  • Hand Vacuum
  • High-Capacity Wet/Dry Utility Vacuum
  • Task Light

Happy Cleaning Inside and Out with OnePWR

I love the new OnePWR system from Hoover. With multiple cleaning tools to handle any mess and a standard battery for all of them, it makes for truly easy and happy cleaning.

Whether we’re cleaning the stairs, the kitchen tile, or blowing off our porch and driveway, my family and I can do it all and do it all quickly. With such an easy-to-use, diverse range of products, it makes life so much easier.

There’s Only One Issue…

There’s only one problem with the new OnePWR system. It’s turned me into a world class procrastinator at work. Imagine that you worked at home and had this setup sitting nearby. You’d be cleaning all the time too.

If you’re looking for a new vacuum, hand-held, or even yard cleaning sweeper, check out the new line from Hoover. Happy Cleaning!

Enter now for a chance to win one of the Hoover OnePWR LED Task lights. I love this. So useful! Follow the rules for a chance to win. Canada only.

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