How to Do an Easy Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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When my kids were both small we often did fun things like go outside to do a random scavenger hunt. I would write out a list of things, sometimes numbers or letters that I wanted them to find and we would go for a walk through our neighbourhood.

Tricks and Simple Activities to Keep Kids Busy

That’s just one of the things that we used to do when they were young. We also built igloos in the backyard, raced down our slide and climber in our snowsuits or snow pants after dinner, or in the middle of the day. Occasionally, we filled water bottle with food colouring and water and painted in the snow.

Messy Fun

One entire summer, we did a host of backyard science experiments. First, we started with the Mentos and Pop bottle challenge and then we moved on to other fun experiments, making safe messes and explosions outside. If one of the kids needed to get some anger or feelings out, then we would grab overly ripe tomatoes and throw them at a tree. We had a huge Ash tree in our yard and it withstood everything.

Get Outdoors

My kids had a lot of energy, so I tried to channel it by getting outside with them no matter the weather. As long as you are dressed warmly there’s no reason that getting outside in the winter can’t be as enjoyable as it is in the summer months. A scavenger hunt in the snow can be every bit as memorable, maybe even more so than one that you do inside your home.

Managing the Chaos

Walks were instrumental in helping us to manage my one girl’s extreme hyperactive side. If I wanted her to focus on recognizing numbers, then I highlighted numbers on the content of the Scavenger Hunt Sheet. It was super simple, free and fun. Just the kind of activity that they enjoy, while learning. The best part of that of course is that they often don’t even realize they are learning, but they certainly know they are spending time with you, their mom, dad or caregiver.

Have a Scavenger Hunt for Kids

What Do You Need?

You just need to pick a topic or theme and get started. Then grab a few low cost supplies and gear up. You can easily do this one in your own house if it’s a rainy day.

Choose a Topic or Theme

Then plan out your route or decide on the setting. Will you be indoors or outside?

Grab enough pencils for everyone participating. You could use markers though if you’d rather.

Use either a clipboard or a small spiral notebook.

Here’s a free scavenger hunt for kids printable that focuses on colours.

Print this Scavenger Hunt Free Sheet out – >

Have Fun With Your Kids

Help your kids learn their colours while also getting exercise! The beauty of this free printable scavenger hunt is that they don’t even need to be able to read yet, because the colour cues are here on the page for them to reference.

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