How to Make a Pretty Flower Basket Card

I am a Mom of girls. Crafty girls. My girls love to create things and draw and one has been pretty good ay making adorable handmade cards for years. This is the kind of thing she makes. She loves quilling paper and origami as well. So this cute little handmade Flower Basket Card is just her speed.

You could make this easy and pretty Flower Basket Card for Valentine’s Day or for Mother’s Day too. Just change the little saying and it works for moms too.

Flower Basket Card

Valentine’s Day Kids Paper Craft


Follow the easy instructions and you will have a super sweet Flower Basket Card to share.

List of Supplies:

  1. Colored Craft Paper – 4-5 different colors including white
  2. Scissors (use scissors under adult supervision)
  3. Craft Glue
  4. Pencil
  5. Black Maker Pen



Making Process:

Flower Basket Card Step (1)

Take different colored craft papers to create the flowers and the leaves. Cut out basic leaf patterns from green colored craft paper. Create rolled paper roses from 3 to 4 different colored craft papers. You’ll need about 10 flowers; though you can create as many flowers as you want.


Step (2)

Cut out a trapezium pattern from a grey craft paper and cut out some small strips from brown colored craft paper. The trapezium pattern will be the base of the basket. Glue the brown strips on the trapezium pattern vertically.


Step (3)

Glue another layer of brown strips horizontally overlapping the vertical strips.


Step (4)

Once done creating the basket pattern glue the flowers on the top side of the basket.


Step (5)

Glue the green leaf patterns around the flowers.


Step (6)

Cut out a small piece of light brown craft paper and write a note of your choice; Glue the note with the flower basket on any one side, carefully pushing the bottom edge of the note slightly in between any 1 or 2 flowers from the top.

Easy to Make and Share Flower Basket Card

Anybody would be delighted with this lovely handmade card. I think it’s perfect.

Have a Crafty Valentine’s day!


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