Inspiring Imagination with Zing

I received Zing toys for consideration here. My opinion is all my own.

Inspiring imagination is what play should be all about. When kids play, either indoors with a game or construction set or outdoors with their friends, their imaginations are what make it so much fun. In my opinion, the best gifts are the gifts that work towards inspiring imagination in our kids.

Inspiring Imagination Indoors and Out

Remember when you were a kid? Every game was so much bigger than what was really happening. Tag was a battle for survival. Hide and seek was a stealth opp. Those were the times when we had the most fun, and I love toys that get our kids back to that. That’s why I love these offerings for 2019 from Zing Canada. They’re all about making playtime full of imagination, whether the kids are playing with foam bows or making stop-motion animation.

HyperStrike Bow

HyperStrike takes backyard battles to a new level. This bow and arrow set is designed to add even more fun to the classic foam gun battle. The bow can launch foam arrows up to 250 feet! It’s available in camouflage or carbon fiber.

HyperStrike Facemask

To protect their eyes and look super cool at the same time, the HyperStrike facemask makes an excellent companion to the boy. It fully protects the face and eyes and comes with interchangeable team color indicators.

Zax Throwing Ax!

Talk about inspiring imagination. My nephew likes to pretend he’s a lumberjack with the Zax. Zax is a lightweight, foam throwing ax with suction cups along the blade. It’s designed to be thrown at both indoor and outdoor walls, and it can even be thrown at windows. I like that added safety factor for the house.

This one is one of my all time favourites for the year. I gave this to my nephew recently and he had the most fun ever at Thanksgiving slamming it into his wall in his room. It sticks extremely well and damages nothing! Pretend you are an ax thrower with this fun toy!

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When inspiring imagination and animation collide, you get StikBot. These multicolored figures are designed to make it easy for kids to dip their toes into the world of stop motion animation. Each Stikbot is able to be articulated quickly and easily and they come with a free stop motion app, so the kids are free to let their imaginations run wild.


KilkBot takes the idea behind StikBot and improves upon it. These colorful figures are designed to help kids who have more experience with stop motion take their animation to the next level. Featuring more points of articulation that StikBot and interchangeable pieces, KlikBot is the next step for budding animators.

christmas toys

Inspiring Imagination This Holiday Season

My nephew is already loving the Zax ax, and I’ve already put KlikBots on my list for another budding animator in the family. The toys offered by Zing Canada this holiday season are perfect for inspiring imagination and making play mean something again. I’m loving their lineup, and I think you will, too.

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  • Lynda Cook

    That Zax Throwing Ax looks pretty cool, my grandchildren would love it!! they would have a ball throwing an ax at the walls!