Is Your Wallet Weighing You Down? – Try This…

This post is sponsored by Ekster Wallets. I received product in exchange for consideration here. My opinion is all my own.

No big secret that we travel a fair bit here. That’s an obvious requirement for a travel writer. LOL. The more I travel the more I learn and am inspired about the world. Every trip I learn a little something new and I love that about blogging and writing. The world is my classroom.

Earlier this year on Lake Simcoe, where we went ice fishing

Over time I have become better at assessing travel products that support my business and help me travel better, smarter, and safer. Safety is an issue of concern for everyone, whether you travel occasionally with family or travel often for your job. Convenience is, of course, also vital to smart business and family travel too.


This winter we set out on an epic family ski road trip and I also found a great new product that helps me travel light. A large part of March was spent on the road. Passports, wallets, smartphones, cameras, and US funds, suitcases and skis along with itineraries armed us with everything we needed to move freely from one destination to the next.

From our house we drove to Vermont and stayed at OKEMO Mountain Resort and then on to Sugarbush Resort, a family favourite. After that we headed to Maine’s Sunday River ski in and ski out family friendly Grand Summit Hotel and finally up over to Valcartier Vacances and the breathtaking Hôtel de Glace in Quebec City. It was an epic ski trip and we skied for eight solid days in a row before driving to Quebec’s seasonal, magical, ice hotel.

So what does Ekster Wallet have to do with any of that?

Well, all of you skiers and snowboarders know that when you hit the slopes and ski hard you get hungry. Now add to that hungry teenagers on a family ski trip. Skipping meals is NOT an option and yet it’s also crucial to be lightweight. Not like you can carry a purse and a pile of credit cards on the chairlifts.


Actually I know you skiers understand exactly what I mean…multiple times a season I spy someone’s credit cards lost on the liftline below, clearly a casualty of reaching into your pocket on the lift to grab something else and then dropping everything. Don’t let that happen to you. Get an Ekster Wallet instead.

I’m generally vigilant about keeping my money and credit cards safe, and that’s what the Ekster Wallet is all about. Ekster Wallet is also a convenient and stylish travel tool for skiers and snowboarders too. It’s perfect for après ski and mid day breaks in the lodge.

If I am enjoying a day skiing and working hard for it, I don’t want to worry about money or lost credit cards.

Ekster Wallet Keeps Everything Safe

This smart wallet is genius. It features quick card access, easy money storage, is traceable worldwide, and it’s RFID protected! In addition to that, it’s a very pretty wallet made from premium leather and lovely stitching.

I used my Ekster Wallet while traveling in Vermont and Maine, and so far, it’s been wonderful. I love the look of it, plus it is light weight and safe – a pretty leather vault which, to me, is ideal for on the go.

With quick card access, it’s easy for me to retrieve my credit cards, and keep my money secure, as well.

I’ve used the Ekster Wallet a few different ways. When I ski, I tuck it into my jacket pocket and keep my Debit card in it so I can easily retrieve when we stop for lunch at a cafeteria right on the mountain. This new wallet also works for me as a light tool after skiing. I have been able to leave my entire purse in our room and simply carry Ekster Wallet to dinner. I did that at least twice at Sunday River in Maine and it gave me a rest from the heavy purse which strains my shoulder sometimes.

Simplicity is so important when we travel. I no longer quadruple check my purse before I leave an establishment because sometimes I don’t even need my purse.

Peace of Mind Makes a Better Trip

I really like my Ekster Wallet. Since I’ve been using it, I worry less about my money and credit cards when we travel. With quick card access, worldwide traceability, RFID protection, and that beautiful leather, I can’t think of one reason to NOT have this wallet.

With the advent of smart cards, criminals can now scan your credit information even while it’s in your wallet! Keeping our finances secure while traveling can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be.

Because I love it so much, I’m happy to offer you a 40% off discount code for your own!! Just use code: TMT40 to get 40% off the best way to protect your money every day.

And also the generous people at Ekster have one to share with one of my readers. Good Luck!

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