Kellogg’s Latest Breakfast Bran

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Breakfast can be one of the least exciting meals of the day. Let’s face it, after a long night’s sleep, or even a short night’s sleep, my creative breakfast making skills are often tapped out. Or perhaps, they are just slow to wake. Regardless, Kellogg’s often comes to the rescue. My husband, the self appointed healthy eating conscience of the house, has always been a great fan of All – Bran products. We frequently try to get our oldest child to eat All – Bran and sometimes it works. She loves All – Bran bars by Kellogg’s, but for the most part she is not a bran eater. Even though, of all the members in this family, her digestive system could likely use a regular hit of bran the most.
Then this appeared. All-Bran with Cranberries and Clusters. 
It is of course, an extremely high source of fibre. It is also toasted bran flakes with a light vanilla flavour, ruby red cranberries and multi-grain clusters. 
All – Bran with Cranberries and Clusters contains 12 grams of sugar and 180 calories per bowl (without milk). It is high in fibre, Iron and thiamine. This is one I would happily stock in my house regularly because it is a tasty twist on bran cereals and it doesn’t taste gritty or grainy. This cereal contains wheat, oats and bran products. Plus the nutritional value is high and, if this is such a strong source of Iron as well, then I may need to add it to my regular routine too.
I am a member of the Kellogger’s Network and, as such, I occasionally receive free products. My opinion is all my own.

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