Easy How to Make a Dreamcatcher Craft


Have your kids ever wondered how to make a Dreamcatcher for their rooms? These crafts are very simple and they serve more than a decorative purpose.

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An Easy Spiritual Craft to Make

Oh I know right now you are looking for easy crafts and also ways to improve your child’s sleep. This How to Make a Dreamcatcher post could work for both of those issues.

These days, we are all hunting down easy and fun crafts to make with our kids. In fact, I have decided that at least once a week I will post a cool, simple, inexpensive craft my kids and I have tested and executed here at Thrifty Mommas Tips.

This is one that we have been doing for over a decade. Sometimes kids make these crafts at camp, but I find them especially useful for little ones and tweens too who have some sleep disturbances.

So first up Dreamcatchers. These are so simple and all the materials can be purchased at the dollar store in the craft aisle or you can find the supplies on Amazon. Also these crafts are fun and empowering for children. My daughter was nine when she told me this kept her from having bad dreams and if she believed that and slept more soundly because of this easy little craft well, even better, I say.

History of Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers can be traced back to the Ojibwe, but over time they were adopted by many other tribes and are now pretty well known throughout many cultures around the world. These are believed to have originated with someone dubbed the Spider Woman who originally took care of the children and infants in a tribe.

More Dreamcatcher Facts

Check out this video about What this piece of art means?

As the tribe grew and spread, it became harder for her to protect all the children so she needed a charm to help.

Authentic dreamcatchers are made of willow. The circle is significant and it symbolizes life or the world. There is no end or beginning.

Feathers are intended to catch the good dreams and the web above it is supposed to keep the nightmares caught inside permitting great sleep.

How to Make A Dreamcatcher:

This is what you need in order to make your own. Six simple little affordable items.

Also Here:

1. Metal circle.
2. Leather shoestring width strips.
3. String.
4. Beads.
5. Feathers.
6. A big darning needle or a plastic needle.

Simple Instructions:

Starting with the metal circle wrap the leather around the metal so that no silver is showing.

Don’t make it too tight because you need to loop some of the string through later.


When you are done wrapping tie it off and make a loop at the top for hanging the dreamcatcher on the wall later.

Using the string, sew a loop through the leather on inside of the circle about every inch.

Take a few beads and string on, then thread the strings in a haphazard pattern until they make what looks like a cobweb in the middle.

String more beads throughout randomly.

Tie off.

Our version from long ago…SO much PINK!! LOL

Take 3 lengths of leather string and tie to bottom of the dreamcatcher.

String some beads on and tie or glue feathers to the ends.

Voila. Hang the dreamcatcher up and admire. Sleep well!

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