KinderToys and Ten Things I Still Want To Do Before September

No other season comes close to summer. As a family, we try to make opportunities to play all year round. We have been known to run around after dinner in February in three feet of snow playing Dark Tag (Tag in the dark) or Hide ‘N Seek After Dark. I love to be moving and to get my family moving. It helps too that our rule has always been no TV after dinner. We play instead. So, even when I have to get the whole crew in boots and snowpants after dinner, movement and play is a philosophy we embrace all year round. Still, it is so much easier to be outdoors and playing together in the summer. Soccer in teams, or informally in the backyard. Baseball and T-Ball, bicycling, walking, swimming and hanging around throwing a frisbee or playing croquet at the cottage. Swimming lessons and family swims. When the calendar gets close to the end of August and people are counting the days before it’s Back to School time, well I start getting a bit nostalgic. I want to savour the small moments left before my kids disappear into that routine of school, after school activities, plays and tournaments, oh and school projects too. KinderToys and KinderSurprise is an ideal way to seal the deal, reward those moments that are special, shared as a family. So for the next week or so I will be packing every moment with fun and savouring a KinderSurprise or two.

Ten Things I Still Want To Do Before September 6th.

  1. Spend a Long Weekend Away with My Family. Great Wolf perhaps or Grand Bend.
  2. Beach.
  3. Spy Kids 4D (Movies are the perfect spot for those awesome KinderSurprise Toys punctuating a fun afternoon and a kid’s snack combo at the theatre.)
  4. African Lion Safari
  5. Take More Pictures
  6. Go Swimming
  7. Plan a Surprise RoadTrip Day. I did this last year. Told the kids they had to guess where we were going and packed a bag full of treats, swimsuits and towels then off we went. This year we will share some KinderSurprise treats. (Did you know Kinder has just launched New More Playful Toys for 2012.)
  8. Get Our Nails Done.
  9. Hang out in the Backyard.
  10. Swing and Climb and Lounge Away the afternoon.
Just a few of the 70 new toys
I am a KinderMom, so for the next few months I will be blogging about fun family activities that support the Kinder philosophy of play. Kinder is relaunching their amazing treats and toys. They have chosen the wonderful month of August, my favourite month for many reasons, to relaunch KinderSurprise in Canada. The same fun and simple treat, with real high quality cocoa, visible milk chocolate lining and real sugar now comes with bigger toys. There are 70 new toys to be exact. Some, like the toys above, are as large as 22cms. Racing cars, inflatable Aniballoons and AniSplash water toys. Another thing I love about KinderSurprise is the fact that it is free of nuts and nut products. That means if I want to share the love with my niece and nephew, who have extreme peanut allergies, I can. It’s a simple thing. But for my sister-in-law, who reads all labels our of necessity for her children, it means a toy and a treat they can enjoy together.
Don’t forget to visit the Facebook Kinder Toys http://www.facebook.com/KinderCanada
to see other new toys and to vote for your favourite. And stay tuned to learn more about KinderSurprise. KinderSurprise has been around for 30 years now. It is tried and trusted. Kinder is a company that believes in responsible treatment of children.
Disclosure: I am part of the #KinderMom program and I receive compensation for my affiliation with this group. I love and beleive in this brand and the opinions in this blog are 100 % truthful and all mine.

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  • Skees

    Can’t help with the beach ’cause my parents are in London until Labour Day Weekend. As for the hanging out in the back yard and lounging the day away, that I can do. The toys look fantastic!

  • Grandma Bonnie

    We always enjoyed a game of tag or soccer with our kids. Now we play tag or gotcha with the grandchildren. I visit to the African Lions Safari is always fun. Thank you for stopping by and the lovely comment. Hope you have a great week.