Labour Day Thrills on The Cheap

Well, this is just a speedy post. Lucky for you my lovely readers. I was sitting here trying to sort out my nasty book blog template thriftymommasbrainfood that went insane on the weekend and I happened to think well there are a few small things I should pass on to you. Here is the top of the list. If you are the brave sort of Mommy who ventures out to restaurants with your kiddos on occasion –  I am not talking McDonald’s here, then you will want to know this. The best day of the year to take your children out for dinner. Always Holiday Monday. Don’t care if it’s Labour Day or August Bank Holiday or Thanksgiving Monday. If it’s a holiday weekend and there’s a Monday in it your kids can eat free somewhere. So wave hello or pop by my table for a visit because tonight I will probably be slacking in the kitchen and celebrating end of summer with a good old fashioned restaurant meal. Hurray. I hear this Labour Day that Applebees has free kids meals. The other usual suspects are: Montana’s and East Side Mario’s. Check your area location to be sure. But I have scored a couple of free kid’s meals in my day and I know too that some Montana’s offer this deal and others don’t. Just like the free birthday meal they run at some locations. It’s worth checking. Take a break and enjoy like me.

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