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Five Winter Fashion Trends to Embrace – Looking Fabulous Even With Bladder Problems #LBL #ad

light bladder leakage

I’ve been discussing LBL and various facets of it for a few articles now. This is part 3, the final portion of a series about light bladder leakage, a medical issue that impacts far too many women. In the first post about LBL I talked about travel strategies for women with LBL and ways to embrace travelling with support and a few easy travel tips. In November I talked to author and positive living expert Barbara Hannah Grufferman about ways to discuss LBL with a loved one. Today I’m tackling fashion because it’s the season to get dressed up and 2016 is your year so don’t hide, own your style!

The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice fashion because you have light bladder leakage. Always Discreet is thin and comfortable, soft and it feels like underwear. Nobody will know you are wearing Always Discreet because it is soft, quiet and completely innocuous. At the same time, it is absorbent and it protects you so you don’t need to worry.

I know many women choose articles of clothing based on a medical issue. In fact women are a little bit conditioned sometimes to feel that clothing can’t be stunning and sexy and on trend if they have their period, if they are pregnant, or if they have LBL. Go on, be honest. We’ve all chosen something drab so that we don’t have to worry if a body issue like LBL suddenly catches us off guard. The thing is, it shouldn’t be that way. Like it, or not, clothing reflects inward and outward. A beautiful new outfit, like a fresh haircut can make you feel confident and help you put your best foot forward in life. And on the flip side your oldest worn out Lululemons, or jeans with an overwashed t-shirt that should have been retired years ago, can communicate an entirely different message to the world.


LBL is Three Letters – Not A Death Sentence

LBL is just three letters. Light Bladder Leakage is a medical condition. It’s not a contagious, flesh eating disease. It’s not the end of life as you know it. In fact, LBL is sort of a thing that happens to you because you have had a life. It can be caused by pregnancy, intense physical activity, and the fact that you are getting older. If you stop and think about it, these things aren’t anything to be ashamed of. In fact, they’re something to be proud of! If a little bladder leakage is the price to pay for having carried and given birth to a happy, healthy, baby, or having run dozens of marathons, having embraced a fit and active lifestyle, or even just surviving on this planet, I’d say women are doing well!

Unfortunately, too many women view light bladder leakage as an affliction. Because they’re so mortified to speak about LBL, even with their doctor, they can go years before they’re properly diagnosed – an average of 6, actually. They also don’t get the help they need, and they put themselves in a self-induced quarantine. But they don’t have to!


Focus on Your Fashion, Not LBL

Like I said, LBL is just three letters, but I know women who let it rule their lives like a giant troll task master from one of my kids’ video games. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way. It breaks my hear to think about my friends – or any woman, for that matter – hiding or altering their lifestyle because they’re afraid that their leakage protection of choice might show through. That is just awful.

That’s why I think Always Discreet is a great product. I don’t have LBL. I know many friends and relatives who have had bladder leakage. If you are a woman, and most especially if you have given birth, you are at risk. Who knows what the future holds for any of us. That’s why I’m happy to know that if leakage ever does come calling, I’ll be able to protect myself and still stay fashion forward with Always Discreet. Like their name says, they’re discreet. They’re also absorbent, made to keep women comfortable, and no one can tell that they’re being worn. That means any woman with leakage issues can stay sassy, classy, and free of worry about LBL.

Five Winter Fashion Trends to Embrace This Year

Winter doesn’t have to be all sweaters and jeans. Embrace the cold weather fashions and feel good about yourself every day, with or without LBL. Here are a few fashion trends happening this season.

[tweetthis]Here are five winter fashion trends to embrace this year. [/tweetthis]

  1. Burgundy – This deep rich red tone is distinctly winter and can be worn as a jacket, skinny jeans, pants, a blouse, a sweater – pretty much any garment with a deep burgundy will add  warmth and confidence. Like any shade in the red palette, burgundy can’t help but boost your confidence. You can’t shrink and hide when you are wearing red. It’s a power colour.
  2. Plaid – I am seeing a lot of plaid this season – plaid flannel shirts are fun when worn as a deconstructed kind of business casual outfit with a blazer. You could do that and feel fun and confident and on trend. But that look isn’t for everyone. What I love about the plaid trend this season is the way it instantly transforms last year’s favourite outfit into a current fashion statement. But this can be done simply and affordably with a single accessory – from scarves to purses – red plaid is FABULOUS.
  3. Flowers – floral prints are fresh and fun and they are current this season. Embrace them. I’ve seen a lot of head to toe floral prints. You don’t necessarily have to go that far but you could get a floral dress that makes a bold statement and rock it this season.
  4. Scarves – there are so many great styles of scarves to choose from now. Dress up any outfit with a scarf, create warmth and be on trend with a blanket scarf.
  5. Purses – A pretty statement purse, or power purse can help polish off any outfit. Right now there are dozens of styles that are in so I think that means you need to go buy several new purses, right? Structured handbags, clutches and bags with words written on them are a few options for the season.

So, which of these fashion trends will you embrace with passion and flare this season? Don’t forget that you can try Always Discreet for free. They will send samples to you.

This post is the third in a series sponsored by Always Discreet. Follow Always Discreet on Twitter for more information – Always Discreet My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful.

I’m curious. Do you have LBL? If so, have you tried Always Discreet? I’d love to hear your story!

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  • Heather Lynne

    I need to try scarves. I think they look really nice, but I haven’t ever tried wearing one (other than the kind I wear to keep warm 😉

  • Little Miss Kate

    Even my kids are loving plaid these days. We just picked up a red plaid shirt for part of my daughters Christmas outfit, and my son fell in love with a blue plaid shirt and has wanted to wear it every day since we bought it!

  • Carla

    Yes I do suffer from LBL ever since having kids! It is definitely not something to be embarassed about at all. I love scarves in winter btw 🙂 great post!