Magic Jinn #TMMGG2013

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As soon as I spied this Magic Jinn toy by Hasbro way back in the summer I knew my tweens had to give it a whirl.  Magic Jinn is super comical and perfect for tweens. Take it out of the box and it’s a tiny little thing, but a super cute funny interactive party game. How perfect for sleepovers! Magic Jinn is a contemporary crystal ball, reminiscent of the Magic Eight Ball we used to have as kids. We played that for hours at my friend’s house asking the ball if a certain boy liked us, or if a certain teacher was dating another teacher.
My girls and I took this gadget for a whirl on the weekend that just went by. Ainsley enjoyed it and had some success as Jinn guessed the answer a couple of times. Her animals were fairly simple when she imagined them – elephant and cheetah and Magic Jinn guessed those easily and with a comical accent. My smarty pants 12-year-old set out to stump the toy on purpose and she was successful actually. But that was because her animals were extremely obscure and most of them I’d never heard of before.
How it works: You need batteries first of all. Then you press the On button and imagine an animal. Magic Jinn asks you questions like: Does it have fur? Is it bigger than a football? One by one it eliminates animals until it gets the correct answer. Or it eventually gives up. For the animals that are straightforward and kids that aren’t trying to be super smart cheeky monkeys, this is a lot of fun. A very comical little toy that could be a classic party game and is definitely a great sleepover toy or birthday party present.

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