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Wowee Snap Pets Unboxing and Review #BBNYC #SweetSuite2015

wowee snap pets


Recently I attended one of the biggest nights in toys at Blogger Bash New York City, Sweet Suite event. There were toys for all ages and stages. There were cute things my tween and teen would love and many fun crafty items too. I hope to bring you a couple more of those soon. But I left the event with Wowee Snap Pets and was pretty excited to get ahold of that because I knew one of the girls would enjoy playing with it. So today we did the unboxing which you can see more of on our Thrifty Mom Media Youtube channel.

[tweetthis]Wowee Snap Pets unboxing now on Thrifty Momma’s Tips Youtube channel. [/tweetthis]

I think Payton did a decent job explaining it. Basically it’s a cute little selfie taker that you can cart around with you. It also has an app that you download with it and use on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Then you can decorate the selfies with stickers and things like that. Personalize the selfies all you want. The Wowee Snap Pets come with a threadable attachment clip that means you can clip it right to your phone or iPad or even just add it to your backpack.
snap_pets_picturesThe Photos look like this (see above). It doesn’t hold a tonne of pictures (20) but you can use the attached USB to upload them easily to whatever gadget you want to save them on. It’s basically a fun tween or teen toy. Ours looks a bit like a cat or dog. Set your Snap Pets anywhere to take a fun picture.

Not recommended for children under three. We think it’s better for kids at least ages 6 and up.

wowee snap pets


We received one of these gadgets to consider for this space. We enjoyed Snap Pets and think it would make a fantastic birthday or Christmas present (plan ahead for pete’s sake) for the tween on your list. It was the first thing the kids reached for out of all the gifts I brought back from Blogger Bash New York.

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