Marvel Universe with DK Canada

Marvel universe. That’s where my daughter lives these days. She is obsessed with everything Marvel. She knows all the movies and all the characters. And as a matter of fact she’s lobbying HARD CORE to go to an upcoming comic con in our area, or one far away. She’s really in to it and I’m beginning to embrace that. After all, the Marvel universe is based on comic books, which means she’s excited to read! DK Canada has two books that will fuel her Marvel obsession for the summer.


A Great Resource for the Marvel Universe Lover

DK Canada is the leader in non-fiction and resource books, and thanks to them, I have two more books that my daughter adores. These books are jam packed with information on the Marvel universe, including the most iconic characters as well as the company behind them. I couldn’t wait to give them to her, so she opened them the other day. I wish you could have heard how loud she screamed. No really, I need someone else to occasionally listen to her screaming because my ears are worn out.


Marvel Year by Year

Marvel Year by Year is a comprehensive history of Marvel Comics. This fan-favorite title gives fans a chronological account of Marvel’s iconic heroes like the Avengers, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and more, as well as a look at the company who brought them all to us. This visual history of Marvel Comics highlights Super Hero and Villain debuts, their creators, and Marvel’s beginnings, what they’ve done, and where they’re going.


Marvel’s Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger

One of my daughter’s favorite characters in the Marvel universe is Captain America. So of course this one is perfect for her. Marvel’s Captain America is full of information about his friends, enemies, and adventures. This illustrated ultimate guide book follows Steve Rogers and his journey from a sickly Army volunteer to one of the most iconic heroes in the Marvel universe. The book even features a forward by the father of Marvel, Stan Lee! The Stan Lee forward is a nice feature that caught my attention.

Listen, you just have to understand how much my child loves Captain America. It’s all we have been hearing about for months now. My daughter fell asleep last night cuddled up with me, which she hasn’t done in a long time. But she climbed into my bed to read to me for about half an hour. As a result I now am a full fledged expert on the Captain America shield. After she stopped reading this one out loud to me, she fell asleep, clutching this book in her arms. Like a comfort object. Hilarious.

Brief note – this is for an older child of course. These beautiful books are keepsakes and they demand parent and child interaction actually. Last night I was super impressed with the number of challenging new words in the books. For instance metallurgical, subversive, Adamantium, and Asgardian. Also excellent books for any comic book geek.

Explore the Marvel Universe with DK Canada

These books are only two of the amazing Marvel universe books offered by DK Canada. I got these because they are the most relevant to my daughter (right now). However, you can also find sticker books, encyclopedias, and tons and tons of guides. Check out DK Canada and see which Marvel universe book is right for your kids – or YOU, for that matter.

Many thanks to DK Canada for sending these beautiful books for us to share with you. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 

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