• captain_america_oreos

    How to Make Captain America Oreos

    These Captain America Oreos will charm any Marvel fan. My younger daughter is the world’s biggest Captain America fan. She adores Chris Evans, and Captain America is her favourite of all the Avengers. Lately she’s been tracking all of the information about the next movie, Avengers: Infinity War. The release date, the timing of the premiere April 25, 2018 and where it could be. In our house, it’s all about Cap. All the time. And Black Widow too of course. Scar Joe is admittedly kickbutt in all the movies. Fan fiction, news, twitter and Instagram. If they write about either one of these two stars, then she’s either already read…

  • marvel_universe

    Marvel Universe with DK Canada

    Marvel universe. That’s where my daughter lives these days. She is obsessed with everything Marvel. She knows all the movies and all the characters. And as a matter of fact she’s lobbying HARD CORE to go to an upcoming comic con in our area, or one far away. She’s really in to it and I’m beginning to embrace that. After all, the Marvel universe is based on comic books, which means she’s excited to read! DK Canada has two books that will fuel her Marvel obsession for the summer. A Great Resource for the Marvel Universe Lover DK Canada is the leader in non-fiction and resource books, and thanks to them,…