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Monster Jam 2015 at Budweiser Gardens #MyMonsterJam

Monster Jam
Monster Jam

This is a guest post by contributor Tabitha Pye

This past Saturday I had the great pleasure to take my kids to see Monster Jam 2015 in London at Budweiser Gardens and it was a blast! It was loud, it was exciting, it was tense and I actually “sort of” understood what was going on.

Things started off a little slow and I wasn’t sure what was going on, but things quickly escalated and got interesting as the newest member to the Canadian team overshot the mark and flipped his truck! After that the show was just as exciting as we all waited with baited breath to see if any of the other trucks would flip as well.

Between Monster Truck events we were treated to quad races where the US team won two of the three races, making them the victors. But the audience took it all in stride and still cheered for the US winner. It looked quite tough to navigate those turns on such small wheels. During another Monster Truck “intermission” we were treated to some pretty amazing motorbike stunts! And another “accident”, where the bike driver turn out to be ok. They were getting all set up to perform a tandem trick when he fell, I bet it would’ve been a great trick!

I was surprised at how “into” the show my kids and I were. This was my first time going, but the second time for the kids and they still had fun. It really is a show the whole family can enjoy as long as you don’t mind your seat rumbling and having to wear ear plugs (which I HIGHLY recommend!). That Grave Digger is one LOUD monster truck!

We had a great time and my kids are already asking if we’ll be going again next year :).

I am a Feld Family influencer and as such we received tickets to Monster Jam. We often attend Monster Jam and enjoy it. This year we ended up in Tremblant on a travel opportunity with several other bloggers. We are grateful that Tabitha and her family could attend in our places.

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