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My Tech Rockstar – Withings Home Monitoring Device #Giveaways

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I heart this Withings Home Monitoring Device with Air Quality Sensors so much more than I ever dreamt I would. It gives me the full on tech warm fuzzies. Now let me explain why. And at the end of my heartfelt rhapsody on all things Withings don’t forget to enter the contest to win one of your own. It will rock your world.

Good apps, and good technology adds value to your life. There are games I like that amuse me. But do they add value to my life? That’s arguable. There are gadgets I adore that lately are easily incorporated into my day and make me happy. There are those technological gadgets I rely on that are workhorses that build connections and help me to be a better, more efficient, business person. Then there’s this little beauty. My lovely Withings Home Monitoring Device.

When this Withings Home monitoring device arrived I initially thought I’d put it in my kitchen to keep an eye on my kids after school. It’s rare that I am not around because I work from home, but still there are occasions when I am not. So I figured it would give me ability to build responsible and safe stays at home after school without me being there. But intentions schmintentions…I set up Withings Home Monitoring HD camera with air quality sensors in my home office and left it there for a night or two then I went away to a blogging conference. No sooner had I left, than I got push notifications from Withings App telling me there was a motion detected in my office. So I tapped into my app on the iPhone and found out my husband was in my office. I watched him changing a light bulb in my office. A friend and travelling companion joked that she wondered if I could somehow project my voice into the office as well. I agreed that would be hilarious BUT didn’t know the answer to that yet. (Fast forward to 3 weeks later playing with this baby and I see that I can in fact do that. )

Over the four day trip I then also watched my kids pop into my office to get paper or pens or various oddball supplies that vanish lightning fast in my home. Push notifications gave me eyes into my home office while I was in New York City. I loved that. It made me happy.

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Once back at home I played around with the app and the camera too to stretch my knowledge of it. Sure enough I discovered there is a microphone on the app and I can project my voice into the room where my Withings Home Monitoring Device is. I have been having some fun with that. But for real life situations involving break in or anything of that nature I believe this would be a great feature. How fast could I say – “I just called 911. The police are on their way.”

There’s also an added feature here that I love. The Withings Home HD camera also has air quality sensors. So periodically I check the app to be sure my air quality is good. This past weekend I woke up and saw the Withings app was reflecting that my VOC’s had gone high overnight. That worried me. The air quality sensor check for volatile organic compounds was reading high. I threw open a window and was happy that the Withings gadget had indicated the need for a bit more fresh air in my office. On the weekend I needed to use a hair treatment that was heavy on fragrance. I assume the odd reading was related to that.

A little more about this awesome Withings Home device:

USB 2.0 port

Easy to set up

Cloud based video recording saves video on a rolling basis so you can review footage between 2 to 14 days

LED night vision

2 digital microphones

interchangeable covers

VOC sensor

The home diary is automatically saving on a 30 day rolling basis smart snapshots and five second videos when a newsworthy event occurs.

I can’t say enough about this gadget. I can’t wait to leave my home again so that I can monitor my home office form wherever I am. My only issue is that I just have one. I would love to have these in two areas of my home. They are my little home office Rock stars.

I received product to facilitate this post. My opinion is my own.

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