Nine Things You Need in Your Winter Emergency Kit Now

Do you have a winter emergency kit? Have you considered what would happen if you got stranded in a snowstorm or other wintery weather disaster? Here’s hoping you never are in that situation, but what if you were?

Weather related weirdness is the rule rather than the exception in so many areas of the world right now. So, it makes sense to be prepared for anything that comes your way. It’s common sense when traveling during the harsh winter months, whether it be just across town or several miles or hundred miles away to always keep an Emergency Kit in your vehicle.


There are dozens of ways to encounter problems and become stranded, whether it be due to a flat tire or worse case scenario, an accident. Nobody wants to be stuck and clueless about how to get help. Obviously with cell phones, and GPS equipped vehicles it’s never been easier to reach someone for help. But even so many areas are not in range and sometimes when travelling remotely for work or fun you could in theory be hours or up to a day before help arrives.

Every vehicle should have an emergency plan and a winter emergency kit too. Travelling slightly less travelled roads frequently? Then you need to be prepared for anything.


Winter Emergency Kit recommendations:

1.) A warm blanket –

We never know if bad weather will suddenly hit. OR perhaps you run out of gas or something breaks suddenly on your vehicle. In any event, a blanket is an essential to help and keep you warm when the harsh winter is upon you and the car breaks down. Stay warm. My kids pretty much always have a blanket in the van when we travel so I never worry about this one.

2.) Bottled water

It’s important to keep from dehydrating until someone arrives to assist you. Have water handy always. Here’s a post to help you with your home emergency preparedness kit. 

3.) Snack items

It could be hours before someone potentially finds you. This will allow for you to keep your body nourished while you are waiting for help. Keep angry kids calm with food. First rule of all family road trips.

4.) A flashlight along with extra batteries

No brainer! You should always have extra flashlights in your home and in your car too. Common sense item, because they can be extremely useful in the dark, at night, when lost or if you find yourself in an unfamiliar spot. In a black out, flashlights are also useful.

5.) A candle and matches

These are always a great thing to have handy in any vehicle, and in your home too, especially during those harsh winter months.

6.) Jumper cables

Every vehicle should have a set of jumper, or booster cables. My Mom was a single parent often on the road driving with us at night and I cannot tell you the number of times our old beater car died on the route from Waterloo to Guelph. Luckily someone always arrived with jumper or booster cables, but why take the chance? Buy a set and keep them in your trunk.

7.) Socks

This is one we are learning from all the ski trips we take actually. It doesn’t take much for feet to get cold and wet and when they are cold and wet your entire body is cold. One of my kids actually sweats a lot more than the rest of us. I’ve only just realized that her feet are often wet as a result which makes her feel cranky and cold. More socks and backup socks are now being packed for every trip actually.

It’s always a good idea to take along a few extra pairs of socks in the event that you have to get out on foot to walk in order to find some help when stranded. You could also find them handy in the event that you are outside of your vehicle for an extended length of time to change a flat, dig yourself out or walk for help.

8.) Extra outer wear

Coats, scarves, gloves & hats. This will allow you the opportunity to bundle up and keep even warmer if you happen to be stranded, whether you are inside your vehicle, or outside.

9.) First Aid Kit

When my kids were small we went nowhere without a first aid kit. One was hidden in the car at all times. We used those bandaids time and again. Super useful for any time of the year. Buy one for your home and then add one to your vehicle as well.


Safe Road Trips Ahead

Epic journey ahead, or short jaunt to the in laws? Either way it pays to be prepared always. Use these ideas as a guide to prepare your Emergency Road Kit in the event that you have to be out in the harsh winter weather. This guide should allow you to be better prepared for anything that comes your way.

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