Olivieri Ravioli With Garlic Butter Sauce and Kale

This post was sponsored by Olivieri, which means I received compensation. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful.

Olivieri Ravioli With Garlic Butter Sauce and Kale is the perfect meal to make this Valentine’s Day.


The Way to Your Heart

It’s true what they say  – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. 

We’ve been married twenty years now, and romance is sometimes hard to find. That’s why I love this Ravioli with garlic butter sauce.

Good Food is Something You Can Always Make

Good food is still something you can always make time for. After twenty years together, a really great meal is still very much appreciated by my spouse. And ditto for me. When my husband barbecues in the summer and the steak is marinated just so, well there’s no better meal for me than that.

My kids also turn into carnivores when the steak starts sizzling. But winter is the time for crockpots and pasta. Luckily, Olivieri let’s me experiment safely with some new recipes that can be made fast, with health in mind.


Original Recipes

I often feel like I don’t cook enough original recipes. But special occasions like holidays and Valentine’s Day, well those are times for a bit of magic. This time of year, I am reminded of how fast time passes and how nice it is to take a moment to appreciate the ones you love, holding them close and showing them love just by spending time together.

For my husband and I both, at this point in our 20 year marriage, I show I care often by building an increasing number of healthy things into our routine and our menu. We are in our 40s and both conscious of living well, building health for the longterm, and feeling good. When we look good we feel good. 

Adding the Healthy Stuff

This month, I am fixated on incorporating kale into a lot of our meals. I have been introducing super foods and getting my family acquainted with those. So naturally when I agreed to create an original Olivieri ravioli meal, I wanted to throw a strong dose of healthy in there. Olivieri pasta right now has a limited edition heart-shaped version of ravioli that would lend itself perfectly to this recipe. 


Ravioli with Garlic Butter Sauce, Kale and Parmesan

(feeds four)

Two packages of Olivieri Spinach and Cheese Ravioli 

Butter or margarine (find a healthy brand you enjoy – we like soya based ones sometimes and have been using one that has more olive oil in it.)

one lemon


olive oil

fresh parmesan

a handful of kale or baby kale


Boil the pasta according to instructions. This one doesn’t take long.

Put a spoonful of margarine or butter in a skillet to sauté the kale.

Mince garlic and add to skillet

Add a TBSP of olive oil

Squirt juice of two wedges of lemon into the pan.

Sautee the kale on low.

Grate about 1/4 cup of parmesan cheese – fresh.



Drain Olivieri pasta when ready. Don’t overcook. Drizzle sauce over top and plate the whole thing nicely. (We eat with our eyes too you know.) Add a leaf of kale for garnish and top with a smidge of parmesan cheese to taste. 


Serve with garlic bread and wine, if you want. This Oliveri pasta with garlic butter sauce is a perfect romantic meal that doesn’t leave you feeling bloated and unsexy.

On the night we made this, I had water because it was a week night and we are building on our fitness goals with healthy meals.

But for Valentine’s Day I know there will be some wine. 


The kale takes on the beautiful lemony taste with hints of garlic and is a really nice light tasty sauce. Plus I snuck kale into the dish which makes me happy!


Olivieri Pasta has some other great ideas of romantic recipes to share here.


Right now, Olivieri is running a #Recipes4Romance contest. You can win a spa retreat! 

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Ravioli With Garlic Butter Sauce

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 This post was written for Olivieri Pasta and as such was compensated. My opinion is all my own. 





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