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Organic Grub Control – All Natural Ways to Knock Them Out

Organic grub control is something that anyone with a yard has probably looked into at some point. Grubs are vicious lawn murderers. When grubs get to work on your lawn’s root system, it’s bye bye, lush and green, and hello, brown and dead! Pesticides are fast falling out of favor because of our new knowledge about how they affect us and our environment, and many people are making moves towards green alternatives. That includes organic grub control.


Organic Grub Control – Destroy the Grubs, not the Environment

Over a season, grubs can really damage the health of our lawns. They munch on the root systems of our gorgeous green grass, killing it slowly from the bottom up, and if we don’t do something about it, our lawns go the way of the dodo. So how do we stop these murderous fiends without murdering the environment? Read on!

How Can You Get Organic Grub Control?

Plant the Right Grass

If you’re starting from the ground up or if your yard is already a little worse for wear, planting the right type of grass is a reasonable approach to all natural grub control from the very start. The right grass will be able to withstand the root munching that grubs do. Plant a deep-rooted, turf grass like Tall Fescue. Grasses like this have dense, deep roots that can handle grub activity. And once they’re established, all it takes is a weekly watering to keep the lawn healthy. Which brings us to our next tip.


Watering is Key

Or should I say lack of watering. Grubs are the larvae which hatch from beetle eggs. One thing these eggs need to hatch is a nice supply of moisture. Reducing the amount of watering is an easy organic grub control method. However, some grasses can’t stand up to infrequent watering. That’s where deep rooted turf grass comes into play again. These grasses can be watered once weekly and still be perfectly fine. Without all the excess moisture from 3 to 4 waterings a week, those beetle eggs simply won’t hatch.


Nematodes are like the shock troops in your organic grub control army. This little guys are microscopic worms that infest and kill the grubs. It’s 100% natural, and the worms don’t do any other sort of harm. There are no unintended consequences with nematodes. They’re easy to apply, as well. They come in a powder which you water into your lawn with a special feeder attachment on the end of your hose.┬áSimply water in the nematodes in late summer or early fall when the grubs are small and kiss the majority of those suckers goodbye.

Organic Grub Control is Easy

Organic grub control is much easier than you might think. The best way is to start from the ground up with the right lawn, but if you already have an established lawn, watering as little as your lawn will allow and apply nematodes should be enough to get rid of most of the existing grubs in your lawn and prevent the majority of new grubs from hatching.

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