Special K Willpower Kit #Giveaway

Everyone on the planet has read of nutritional benefits of Protein by now. Now Kellogg’s Special K has a vanilla version of their cereal with Protein. In fact it’s the bee’s knees for taste_ So why do you need cereal with protein in it? Well, protein helps you stay full longer. A survey recently done by Angus Reid Forum indicated 94 % of women knew eating protein in the morning helps satisfy hunder. However, nearly one in three said they thought they didn’t get enough of this essential nutrient.
I received some sample products from the Special K Willpower Kit to test out here this week and can’t wait to pass along a Special K kit to one of my readers as well. This cereal tastes great. It’s the kind of thing I would snack on while watching television. It tastes like a treat. But it’s filled with fibre and protein. This cereal has 10 grams of protein and 9 grams of fibre and it’s crunchy clusters of vanilla flavoured goodness. The kids enjoyed this one as much as I did.
Special K took to the streets of Toronto to ask Canadian women what fills them up? See some of the responses below.
What fills me up personally?
My family, our travels, working out and staying fit while doing work I am passionate about and engaged in. My blog fills me up and fuels my desire to write and connect. Speaking to new adoptive parents about parenting special needs children fills my heart with happiness. Helping friends connect with the supports they need when they adopt a child with needs they did not anticipate – that all fills me up and makes my life meaningful. 
Disclosure: I received samples to faciliate review. My opinion is 100 % my own.

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