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Stylish and Safe Travel Bags for Your Next Trip

My older daughter is taking a big trip in 2017 with a youth theatre group she belongs to. This Christmas we’ve tailored a few of her presents so that she can use them when she travels. She’s already getting several travel guides and a few clothing items she needs. I think she will also be thrilled with one of these adorable Forever Young Stylish and Safe Travel Bags from Beside-U.

Safe Travel Bags

Now, my daughter doesn’t actually know she’s getting this one for a Christmas present. This is her sister modelling it in the photo. There are so many beautiful safe travel bags from Beside-U that it’s hard to choose. I have that issue every time I shop from their web site. In fact I have two beautiful Beside-U safe travel bags myself and I use them when we travel because they are the perfect size.

If your teen is going on a big trip this year (and I happen to know many who are) then this is the site and the product for them. You want your child to be safe and to keep their money and passport in good condition when they are away from you. Let’s be honest when I travel with my entire family I trust the passports to nobody. That’s my job – passport and forms keeper. So, this coming year when she ventures off with her group on the trip she has been dreaming about since she was about 7, I want her to have the tools to be safe without me.

[tweetthis]If your teen is going on a trip this year with their high school then this is the travel bag they need. [/tweetthis]

Beside-U travel safe travel bags and backpacks are perfect for that. This one The Ottawa Forever Young RFID travel cross body bag is Poseidon Blue. Blue is my oldest daughter’s favourite colour. It also has several divided pockets to help keep items organized. Most importantly, it has several safety features.


BESIDE-U Safe Travel Bags Safety Features:

  • The Beside-U travel bags protect credit and debit card information with a zippered pocket in side that has a special lining. This lining blocks the RFID transmissions from your credit card and debit cards so that thieves cannot access the information on your card. The Beside-U safe travel bags with RFID have a small red tag attached to the RFID pocket to indicate that that is the pocket with the RFID protection.
  • There is also a detachable security whistle attached.
  • It is built from lightweight and water-resistant, nylon fabric (I hope it doesn’t rain or snow on her trip but I feel good knowing this will hold up in most weather.
  • High yarn density fabric has enhanced tear and abrasion resistance against daily wear and tear.
  • Contrast zipper with two-toned nylon teeth (How many accessories do you have with broken zipper pulls?  Beside-U travel bags zippers don’t break or snap off.)
  • Adjustable cross body strap


When I received my Beside-U travel bag last year I learned the strength of the cross body straps is something that is tested well and also given a lot of attention to. So, this stylish cross body bag should hold up. The straps are heavy duty, safe, and stylish at the same time. If someone tugs on the straps to try and steal this bag the straps will not break off and the thief will be deterred (hopefully).

I have taken my Beside-U safe travel bags to Florida, on cruises around the Caribbean, and most recently to Zambia as well. Beside-U is my favourite brand of safe travel bags. That’s why my teen is getting this one for her own journeys this year.

I received this product for consideration here on the blog. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful.

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