holiday gift guide

The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide #TMMGG16

It was the first of September when I got my first seasonal Christmas pitch here at Thrifty Momma’s Tips. So, I knew it was time to get thinking about holiday gift guides and considering what I want that to look like this year. I have done these for a few years now and readers enjoy them so today I am launching my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide with a call for submissions.

holiday gift guide

For those who read this blog – you will soon be able to visit and check out all the trending toys for kids and tweens and teens. There might even be a treat or two for you. Last year this Breville stand mixer was one of my personal favourites. Stay tuned if you love giveaways.

Every year at this time I sort through dozens of pitches and toys and gadgets and try to bring readers some of the best here. All of the products I receive are tested by my family. Any baby materials and products are tested by my contributor Christina. I hope that the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide helps you to make some good decisions when buying items this holiday season.

For marketers: Here’s what you need to know.

  • All items must be family friendly. 
  • There will be several posts featuring hot tech content.
  • I am building the usual teen and tween content here for the holiday season.
  • There will also be a separate roundup of teen/ tween top ten items as a contributor to a big collaborative gift guide with a few of my close friends. Bound to be amazing impressions there.
  • I will not review toy guns, because I don’t allow them in my home.
  • Please be familiar with my blog before you pitch. Thanks!
  • My name is Paula and I appreciate brands and agencies that read my posts often. I am not really in need of rooms filled with toys BUT I enjoy sharing the newest creative and educational toys of the season.
  • Product minimums can be seen above here – on this 2016 Holiday Gift Guide Page and costs are here as well.
I am planning to build my gift guide, much as I did last year and I reserve the right to refuse product always. If you send through any products without emailing first or sending information regarding the item, I may not include the item as I won’t necessarily know what you were intending when you sent the product through to me. Always best to check first by email –
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Brands and PR companies should visit the Gift Guide page above for more information about costs and minimum sample size…or email me for answers as to whether I am interested in adding your product to the gift guide. I welcome travel products, tween and teen items, products for husbands and wives, teachers, and even events or experiences or new gift card ideas. Gadgets will be hot here this year because I have a 12-year-old and 15-year-old. One is already drafting her Christmas list with iPhone near the top and Dan TDM merchandise as well. please use subject line: TMM Gift Guide.
As always, any leftover items and toys which are gently used or not used at all will be donated to a charity of our choice the week before Christmas. And please remember to give to charity this year as well.
 Thank you and I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season.

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