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The Fridge Door no More..

My darling daughter’s beautiful artwork.
What to do with a mountain of art?

My kids are crafty in more ways than one I guess, but really what to do with the art?

I have come up with, and stolen a few ideas from various other Mommies. So here is my list of places and people on which I pawn off my Picasso’s pieces.

1. Hang it on the fridge. Not really inventive right, so…
2. Take a picture of it and post it on your web site or blog or twitter or flickr or wherever you hang your on line hat.
3. Scrapbook it. Digitally or manually. You don’t have to use all the pieces, just a few select ones.
4. Turn it into a card. Take a picture of it or copy it and make it smaller then post on front of a card and all your family members will love it. Then they can hang it on their fridges or let it collect dust.
5. Mail it off to friends and relatives as a big surprise from your child. (They will love it.)
6. Hang it on a big clothesline – how very Ikea – and rotate displays.
7. Take a picture of it, download it and have it turned into a puzzle or a cup or other on line gift.
8. Put a few pieces in a memory box.
9. Use it to wrap gifts with. This makes really really pretty wrapping paper.

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