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The Palms Hotel and Spa in The Heart of Miami Beach #travel

miami hotelsIn Miami just for the night? A few days? Or for a week away from home? Either way the Palms Hotel and Spa Miami is a tranquil oasis inspired by nature and also a family friendly, space to relax and kick back in the exciting and vibrant Miami Beach area.

Palms Hotel and Spa Miami

A few weeks ago we took our second ever cruise departing from Florida. Canadians enjoy Florida, so Florida departures make me happy. Last year we left from Tampa, but this year we were scheduled to leave via The Port of Miami. When we cruise as a family together, we like to get into the area we are leaving at least one day ahead of departure. It’s the least stressful option. If there are any last minute organizing details, weather dramas, or airline glitches then the extra day gives you time to settle those before you board a cruise ship for 6 or 7 days. In my search for spots to stay the day before our cruise I found The Palms Hotel and Spa Miami where we ended up being guests.

Palms Hotel and Spa Miami

We stayed in Miami for the day prior to our cruise and we had some time to chill, explore and get ready to simply board our ship in vacation mode. It sometimes takes all of us a bit of time to switch off. But that’s easy to do when you are staying in such lush surroundings.

Palms Hotel and Spa Miami

The pool at The Palms Hotel and Spa Miami was gorgeous and clean. There were several families around with infants and young children able to use the pool. We used it fully right up until the moment we left to board the ship. The setting is tropical and you can’t help but feel transported. The pool deck itself is stunning. You can see it in the photo above of my husband and daughter swimming. It’s some sort of natural stone I couldn’t quite place but it had a marble feel and look to it. Opulent and rich which made us feel a bit spoiled.

There’s a cute little gift shop in the lobby of the hotel that I couldn’t resist. I needed a hat for the trip, so why not? What do you think?


We were hanging out at the pool the day we arrived when this guy popped by for a visit. There’s something about an iguana, lizard, reptile creature that I love when I’m in Florida. It makes me happy to see one because then I truly know  and feel like I am on vacation. He amused all of the guests when he snuck up to the pool right as we were sitting there.

palms resort

The Palms Hotel and Spa is inspired by nature and set right on the oceanfront in the heart of Miami Beach. It is comfortable, serene and an award-winning independent beach resort inspired by the beautiful surroundings. The Palms Hotel and Spa Miami is family friendly and also accessible.

The Palms Miami

I particularly liked this touch. There are lounge chairs circling the pool and then there are these chairs set back a bit further with numerous tall palm trees and a sandy beach atmosphere. There are also some cabanas for shade. Bar service and light snacks also are available here.


The hallway on the way to the spa. Gorgeous orchids. #family #love #happy #happytravel #essensiamiami @essensiamia

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If you are staying longer than a day you might want to take advantage of the spa services. The Palms spa features an Ayurvedic holistic philosophy which is super hit right now by the way and will continue to be so for 2016. The luxury lifestyle spa features Aveda products. There is also a fitness space on the lower level.  Restore peace and harmony to your mind and body or indulge in a couples massage. The orchids on the way down the hall are colourful and well tended.

The view from the oceanfront rooms is one of the best I have had from a resort or hotel all year which is saying something because I’ve been to Florida many times this past year.

the palms hotel and spa miami

As for our trip, and our cruise this year, it was smooth sailing all the way. There were no glitches with travel or weather so we were free to relax and explore the Palms, which is an extremely lovely space and an iconic wedding destination as well. In fact a staffer here told me it’s common to host 1 or 2 weddings a day at The Palms sometimes. I could see why because the grounds are gorgeous, lush, peaceful, and colourful with some of the prettiest flowers and plants surrounding the pool and walkways.

The Palms Hotel and Spa

Weddings take place both right on the grounds with a lovely gazebo arched for protection from the sun and to frame the bride and groom perfectly for pictures that will last. Weddings can also be built right out on the beach in front of the Palms. We witnessed one elegant wedding while we were there.

Palms Hotel and Spa Miami



Our family shared a room with two double beds which was lovely. The space was functional. The decor was bright, beautiful and comfortable with a beach spa feel. The colour scheme is relaxing and favours nature with strong emphasis on browns, greens and blues. The room was just big enough for us, but another time I might consider getting a second room for our kids.

The bathrooms were decorated with such style! Strange that this is what struck me as unique in this gorgeous room, but the bathrooms were really luxurious and tasteful. The rooms are divided into two: so that there is a spacious shower and sink in the one room and The toilet then is in a separate room across the hall which is literally five feet away, but nice and equally well decorated. The tile and fixtures knocked my socks off. My husband and I took a quick snapshot of the tile because we are plotting a renovation of one of our home bathrooms and the tile and the sink made my husband and I both exclaim – “That would be perfect!”

Palms Hotel and Spa Miami

The sitting room area decor was pretty and bright but the ocean front view was the highlight. Nicest view yet. When we arrived there was a super short rain shower followed by a rainbow straight over the ocean. We all captured that on our cell phones and shared to Instagram and by the time we posted the rainbow had turned into a double rainbow that originated in the water! I’ve never seen that before. The weather cleared fast as it often does in Florida. The scenery and rainbows were a bit of magic.

Palms Hotel and Spa Miami
The grounds at the Palms Hotel and Spa Miami near the pool.

My kids love to swim and we have missed the beautiful temperatures of the summer time. So we indulged in swimming both days. The pool is warm and the grounds are immaculate and very private. The landscaping ensures that people hanging out at the pool cannot see the people at the spa or in the restaurant nearby. It feels secluded despite being in the middle of the grounds.

The Palms hotel and spa archway on the way to the beach.

Walkway to the beach is controlled with your hotel key card so the Palms is also safe and secure. The plants and the landscaping and general feel of The Palms was very Caribbean. In fact at times I had to remind myself we were still in southern Florida. It felt as if we had flown to a Caribbean resort.

palms hotel

People watching at the beach. The loungers were plentiful and the space felt secluded and private. There was nobody nearby at all to bother us and we were able to enjoy a quiet moment together just reading and relaxing.

Palms Hotel and Spa Miami

The lobby of the Palms is clean and well maintained with sophisticated touches. We visited just before Christmas and the decorations were really lovely. Also could be a great backdrop for family photos or wedding party photos as well.

Palms Hotel and Spa Miami

Essence is the award-winning signature restaurant at The Palms. We had a chance to enjoy the breakfast brunch there prior to leaving for our cruise. Brunch was delicious and the setting helped as well. There’s an omelette bar and a brunch station stocked fully with cereals, fruits, meats, bacon, eggs, sausage and cheeses. Breakfast potato wedges, juice, coffee and muffins are available as well. I loved that smoked salmon and capers were available too. Such a nice touch!

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Palms Hotel and Spa Miami
This photo is courtesy of Payton Schuck

The girls had a great time and we all left relaxed and satisfied, in the right mindset to start a cruise. The brunch, included with our stay, was fantastic. I hate leaving for a trip and feeling like I have to find food immediately to keep everyone happy, so thanks to The Palms Hotel and Spa Miami for helping me take care of my family before we left on our family cruise.

The Palms Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach exceeded my expectations. The space is gorgeous, as is the beach. I found it to be very family friendly as well but somehow the kids even seemed quieter and more relaxed than at other hotels and resorts we’ve been to. The Palms is about 30 minutes from the Ports of Miami.

We were guests of The Palms Hotel and Spa Miami recently. My opinion is all my own and it is also 100 % truthful. 

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.