The Year of the Pig – 6 Things You Didn’t Know

In case you weren’t aware: 2019 is the Year of the Pig. I am pretty stoked about that because all indications are that it’s a good and positive thing. After 2018 we can all use a little good news, right?

Chinese New Year is not far away. I didn’t know much about the Chinese New Year until this year when I started reading up on it. I’ve been studying Feng Shui a little but too lately. More on that later this month. There’s a lot that I find intriguing about both topics and frankly at the start of any New Year it’s time to take stock and embrace something new. That’s my philosophy anyways.


Just like many people I was not a huge fan of 2018. So, I embrace 2019 wholeheartedly. I mentioned that a bit earlier this year in my Word of the Year post. For me, 2019 is a bit about being open to new things and opportunities, striving for growth and accomplishing more, which is not the same  as working MORE, but perhaps evolving.

Recently, I learned several things about The Year of the Pig, so I thought I’d pass a few of those new facts on to you.

Six Things You Did Not Know About the Year of the Pig.


  1. In Chinese culture pigs are a symbol of wealth.
  2. Pigs are diligent, compassionate and generous.
  3. The Year of the Pig starts February 5, 2019.




4. The Year of the Pig is associated with earth.

5. The pig is considered a very realistic down to earth animal.

6. The pig is the 12th animal in the lunar cycle of the Chinese calendar.

Year of the Pig Colouring Page

Feel free to print out this Year of the Pig Colouring Page. Right click on the above image and print it out for your own use.

Here’s to a wonderful year ahead whether you are Chinese, Canadian, American or any other person on the planet.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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