Thrifty Mommas tips Needs Your Help #Windowstyle Blogher’12 Contest

Some time ago I spied this contest hosted by the Microsoft Windows Team and @kristinalibby, a Windows team gal I follow. The details are send in a blog or vlog that tells us why you need a style Makeover for Blogher ’12. I like to vlog and I like to Pin on Pinterest. So I was torn, pin or vlog? Anyways, I combined a bit of both. Basically I live in my Lulu’s and that’s okay. A lot of Moms do. Plus, I write from home, so seriously most days who cares what I wear? Occasionally though, I step out and meet someone in person. I even have great business meetings with SERIOUS people. Serious, I tell you. Business suits and conservative dresses. Serious grown up people, who do not want to hear kid stories, read report cards, chat about fiction and twitter all day, or do Yoga with me. Lately when this happens, I am simultaneously thrilled and horrified. What to wear? Sometimes I freak out a little bit. I tear the closet apart and find blazers with shoulder pads and wonder why I ever bought anything that isn’t wrinkle free. Then I wonder if Tommy Hilfiger knows I own one of his polo shirts in every color. (EEP!) I am not dresses and high heels any more because chasing kids like that is out of the question. Unless you want to break an ankle. So this is me asking for help. Pleaasssseeeee help me out lovely readers by leaving a comment here supporting me. Thanks so much and hugs to each and every one of you. Mwah! I am entering the Microsoft Windows Style Sweepstakes for a chance to win a head to toe makeover.

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