Thursday Cooking With Kids: Linky

Welcome once again to my Thursday feature bloghop. This one is all about Cooking with Kids, or baking with your children, or generally messing around in the kitchen and having fun together making snacks, meals, food, treats, candy, dinner, or whatever great recipe you want.
My kids love to cook with me. It’s an easy hands on activity. It’s fun for me too. Together time. In years gone by, we used to have other kids, neighbours, friends, kids I looked after before and after school, come to our house and one thing I noted repeatedly was that they all loved to spend time in the kitchen. Together through cooking and baking we learn to read, do math, tell time, discover nutrition and health lessons and even do basic science experiments. (The best part is that the kids don’t know they are learning.) So grab a recipe – doesn’t have to be fancy – cracks some eggs, stir the pot and have fun! Don’t forget to link up. I am super committed to this series. People aren’t linking up yet but I have had several brands interested in the series and a lot of comments have indicated people are really enjoying the ideas on what to do with kids in the kitchen.
Remember first rule of cooking with kids though is supervision. The kitchen can be dangerous, but it can also be fun.
This week we aren’t really cooking – we are making fun and fabulous wraps.
1.Flat bread (I heart whole wheat Dempsters)
(You can vary it up with the green spinach flavoured flat bread. Various brands have various tomato flavours too. They are amazing and delicious. My kids love to take these to school for lunch.)
Put the flat bread on a plate and then get some meat
2. (We love Prime chicken. Packages of cooked chicken breast – also turkey breast)
3. Mayonnaise or a hint of ranch dressing or ceasar – commit to a theme and taste at the start. Too much dressing isn’t good and too many competing flavours will make it taste poor. Also too many choices for kids can make the whole process confusing. TIP: Put the mayo or dressing down first then the meat.
4. Dice some tomatoes. put them in the middle.
5. Shred or rip lettuce and toss it in the middle too.
6. Shred or grate some cheese if the kids like that on their wraps.
(Now if the kids like all of these ingredients you can set them out on a lazy susan style platter or tray and they can just pick and choose and build their own.) I guarantee they will feel independent and proud of their wrap if you do this. My kids love the sensory nature of cooking and baking. If you have children with #special needs or sensory processing issues this is a great way to make them feel good and to give them a hands on sensory diet and they won’t even realize they are getting therapeutic benefits or educational lessons either)
Fold or roll it into a wrap. If you know how to swaddle a baby, you can fold a wrap. Eat!
Now directions are simple for this bloghop. If you post a short blog or vlog on your blog, even if it is an old post, one about cooking or baking with your kids, come here and leave the link to the post. Mention Cooking With Kids and link back to this blog or take my button and leave it on your site. Have fun and maybe we can all gain a new idea or a new recipe or two.

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