Tidy up on a Whim with Hoover

I am a 2019 Hoover brand ambassador and, as such, I received compensation for this post.My opinion is my own and it is also truthful.

In the summer, messes happen. I think we can all agree on that. Kids are home a bit more than usual, so having vacuums and cleaning tools handy and readily available can make all the difference.


Luckily, Hoover Canada has a couple of great ideas to help with those end of summer messes. One of those cleaning tools is the handy little Hoover cordless hand vacuum. My one teen actually got extremely excited on seeing the Hoover OnePWR hand vacuum. It reminded her of the cleaning tools she’s seen on an old Netflix series she loves. She actually asked for it to go in her room. Hilarious, right?

I’m not likely to hang the hand vacuum in her room, especially since we are painting it this week and I don’t want holes all over the walls. But, that said, I love that she’s enthusiastic about cleaning, so thanks Hoover. Cordless gadgets make cleaning fun for almost everybody. Even teenagers.

Cleaning is daily part of the routine here, regardless of the season. Hoover OnePWR range is a system of home appliances that has your whole home covered. It is an easy cordless cleaning system with interchangeable batteries for all the products. Love that. We have also been enjoying the easy Blade + because it rocks and is easy to use.

Hoover Blade + is the same high quality we have come to expect from our Hoover cleaning tools. But, take that and amplify it. The two things I love most about the Blade + are the suction and the design.

The suction is the best I have seen yet on a rechargeable appliance stick vaccuum and also the design means the swivel head of the Blade + will go flat underneath furniture allowing you to reach more nooks and crannies under furniture than ever before.

The new Hoover OnePWR Blade + stick vacuum features dual cyclonic DustVaultTM Technology that captures 99% of dust and fine particles. It clearly captures all the dust it reaches, because I am completely astonished every time we open it up to find all the dust that was in my home.

Every OnePWR battery is fully compatible with every product
in the new Hoover Cordless Cleaning System. These compact, removable batteries can be easily swapped from product to product making cleaning extremely easy and each of these cleaning tools versatile. OnePWR lithium ion batteries provide fade-free power across a variety of cleaning applications.


For more than 100 years, Hoover has designed powerful, easy-to-use products that clean the entire home from floor to ceiling. The comprehensive line of products includes cordless stick vacuums, uprights, carpet cleaners, hard floor cleaners, and cleaning solutions.

These are some exceptional cordless cleaning tools to keep your entire house clean. Reach for the Hoover hand vacuum when you have a small cleanup. Or when you need to scoop up the crumbs in the backseat of the car. It’s not going to clean the entire car of course, but it’s ideal for the small messes that are common this season after road trips to the beach or cottage.

I have a Hoover OnePWR cordless hand vacuum to give to one of my readers. Follow the rules for chance to win. You must be Canadian for this one. Thanks and Happy Cleaning!

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