Tria Beauty Series – Post 3 – Home Hair Removal Tips

Well, I have been at this Tria Home Hair Removal Laser 4X routine for over one month now and I have picked up a few tips to pass on to those who will be looking to buy a Tria for themselves.
The Tria is a fabulous invention providing dermatologist services right in your own home. I use it almost every morning and it fits handily into my morning beauty routine without adding a whole lot of time to the process.
I will soon be posting my giveaway for one of these incredible little gadgets. So keep reading. In the first week and the first post I was amazed at how safe this Tria Beauty Home Hair Removal Laser 4 X is. Read more about that here. 
My daughter has seen me using it a lot and thinks it’s pretty cool, so she asked me the other day, does it hurt? That, I thought, was a valid question and I can honestly 100 % answer no, it doesn’t hurt. The machine sends a tiny laser pulse to the hair follicle. On my legs I feel nothing at all. Nothing. Maybe the skin on my legs is not sensitive at all. Not sure. When I use the Tria closer to my arm pits or groin area (be advised you are not to use the Tria directly on the groin area.) a bit closer to the bikini area then I feel the tiniest little zap, not even anything as harsh as when a hair is plucked or tweezed, just a tiny noticeable zap. It’s hardly worth mentioning, but there is a difference depending on the body part you are targeting. 
My second post was here about building Tria Hair Removal into your routine. 
This is my third post -Tips to maximize its effectiveness:

1. Use the Tria once a day for the proper effect. I have missed a couple of days. The effects of this gadget will be cumulative. You need to use it for almost three months to notice a difference.
2. Use it on clean skin. Soap is a barrier to the window where the pulse comes out. It doesn’t work as well with some soaps that leave harsh buildup. It also doesn’t work well on skin that is still moist. I use right after the shower when skin is dry and clean.
3. You will still need to shave during the first part of this process. It takes three months, plus your skin works better with the gadget when you’re not Sasquatch hairy.
4. No joke. I keep experimenting with shower gels and scrubs, but Clean and Clear shower gel leaves my skin cleanest for this device. Soap leaves a lot of residue. 
5. Don’t be afraid to make it go way past 200 pulses. I was nervous when I started about how warm it would get and I seldom went past 100 pulses which was when the fan kicked in often. Now I can go well past 300, it doesn’t get warmer and it doesn’t hurt. Pain free and simple. That’s how I like my beauty routines.
I was not compensated for this review or series of posts. I have received product and I will also give a Tria Beauty Hair Removal 4 X away by May. Just in time for the summer beach season.

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