Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil : a review and some thoughts about tipping points

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When I first received this product from Tropical Traditions for review I was a bit taken aback. It is a jar of Virgin Coconut Oil and I will confess at the risk of sounding foolish, it came with no instructions and I assumed it was a skin care product. I saw nutritional information on the side and that made me wonder. Also the consistency of the product was well – a bit lumpy and wrong for skin care. I read the nutritional information two or three times and may have even tried to see if I could use it as a moisturizer (not saying I did or anything because that might make me look really spinny). Anyways eventually I hunted down the details on the product on the web site  where I also found numerous recipes. I had never heard of coconut oil for cooking. I was prepared to try it and offer an honest review when I spied the calories and immediately emailed the company back expressing my concerns. I understood the health benefits of 100 % virgin coconut oil but with 117 calories in one TBSP it wasn’t something I wanted to use for my family. We are all calorie conscious here and evolving as a family always striving for healthy foods and a lifestyle that includes the right balance of activity, play and exercise. So why am I writing this review? A funny thing happened a couple of months went by and I received a book called Whole Foods To Thrive ( see my review over on thriftymommasbrainfood) by Brendan Brazier. The book, published by Penguin Books, was the tipping point for me. The Whole Foods to Thrive book is all about using all natural plant-based foods with high nutritional punch to nourish your body and gain energy. In Whole Foods To Thrive there are numerous mentions and recipes for cooking with coconut oil. Nuts and seeds, the book notes, contain high levels of micronutrients. Hemp seeds and flax seeds contain high levels of Omega 3s and Omega 6s and coconut oil, the author notes “is another example that delivers more than you might expect.” The author Brazier, a professional athlete says he uses coconut oil in several workout recipes because of its “high octane energy.” That was the endorsement and further proof I needed to try this product out on my family. So a couple of weeks ago I decided to replace slowly recipes calling for butter and sautee vegetables in coconut oil and add a spoonful to some dinners. I used it with my veggies and found it to be quite appealing and it adds a slight kick of taste that enhances the item and isn’t salty ( a problem I see often when I sautee with butter or soya margarine.) Another night I roasted potatoes with onions, garlic and coconut oil. They were really good. Brazier is so taken with the coconut oil – not necessarily this brand, but coconut oil itself, that in the book he says it is the only oil he cooks with. So I wanted to pass this one on to my readers. Tropical Traditions is available on line. It is organic and it is a product of the Philippines. It is USDA approved. A 32 Fl oz container is now $29.95 and a 16 oz trial size is $19.95 and fully guaranteed if you don’t like it then you get your money back. The site itself cites research that claims this type of coconut oil can do things like speed up metabolism, help with weight loss and raise body temperature. Initially I was skeptical of those claims. If so, I thought, then wouldn’t everyone already be using it? But then I received  in a completely separate transaction with a Canadian PR person I know the Brazier book and it referred to the oil as a rockstar product for cooking and, a truly underused source of whole foods and nutrients that are easily converted to energy. That was as Malcolm Gladwell coined it, the Tipping Point. 
Coconut Oil is, I think, one of those hot up and coming trends to watch for foodies and families alike. has numerous products available for purchase. There are cosmetics and food products as well.
From the Tropical Traditions Site
Check it out. It is a worthwhile addition to your kitchen and the recipes are worth experimenting with. 
I received a 32 ounce jar of the Gold Label Standard Virgin Coconut Oil in order to facilitate this review. That in no way impacts my professional opinion.

This product gets a $$$1/2 out of $$$$$.

Pricey, but could be the next big story in cooking and nutrition and healthy eating. It continues to win me over and I will continue to use it to see if I experience a difference in my own energy level.

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