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Union Burger To The Rescue #Giveaway #ad

Union Burger to the Rescue. Well, that might be a bit dramatic but frankly every single person I know understands that occasionally meal planning goes out the window. There are nights when the meat isn’t thawed and work is hectic and you are racing the kids to martial arts, or quite simply you are too tired to cook. On those nights your family needs a quick dinner solution. There’s nothing at all wrong with that.

This past weekend was a busy one. Like every single weekend ever during the school year. We did the usual roundup of kid’s scheduled activities on Saturday and worked out at the YMCA and then did the grocery shopping of course. I squeezed in some consulting work too. My youngest had gone to a sleepover birthday party after her drama rehearsal and we picked her up Sunday morning. I had promised my daughters I would take the afternoon off and go to Comic-Con in London with them, so right after Ainsley came home from her sleepover we hopped in the van and headed to Western Fair.

The Bacon Cheeseburger Combo was a hit with Ainsley

Comic-Con is a big deal to my kids at this age. One is completely into Cosplay and the other just loves anything Marvel related. So they both were super excited about going and one was into dressing up too. It was a lot of fun to see her interacting with other Cosplayers. Payton was a character from the video game UnderTale and Ainsley just dressed in as much Captain America merchandise as she could find here at our house.


I was surprised in that I found the event much more interesting than I thought and we ended up spending the entire afternoon there. So there was literally nothing planned for dinner. Naturally everyone was starving and one girl still had a bit of homework to do so we needed a quick fix. Union Burger to the Rescue.


These days I spend more time in Hyde Park area of London than I ever used to. It’s not that far for us to drive and it is frankly one of the biggest areas of growth in this city. In the winter we drive out through Hyde Park often on our way to a local ski hill. So it’s not uncommon for us to be dead exhausted after an afternoon skiing either. Occasionally, maybe once every 3 weeks that means we simply stop and grab takeout for dinner. Hyde Park has several restaurants now and one of the newer ones is the Union Burger on Fanshawe just past the Walmart plaza. I could see this being a new stop on our way back from the ski hill occasionally this winter.

Buffalo chicken sandwich with fries and a water.

Earlier in the week I had spied an ad noting the skinny menu options and goat cheese was involved in a few menu selections. The wraps looked delicious and they are a few healthy options too. The night we rolled up outside Union Burger in Hyde Park I was craving their Buffalo chicken sandwich. So I gave that a try. Jim opted for a mushroom and swiss burger and Payton had a simple burger combo with fries and a drink.

I kept my choice a bit healthier by opting for chicken and a water instead of a soda for the beverage. My chicken sandwich was good and I would definitely buy one again. The chicken was fresh and moist. Ainsley’s bacon cheeseburger literally vanished in less than two minutes. Hungry teen girl is not to be messed with at dinner time.

A Few Tips to Chew On:

Union Burger’s fries are handcut. That makes them fresh and yummy. On Sundays children under 12 eat free with any adult combo purchased. ( Some locations say 10 and under on the web site) Hello!! That’s what I am all about. Sadly my kids are over 12 now and they cost me a lot of money when we dine out. But Kids Eat Free every Sunday is an excellent idea.

All of the burgers are Canadian made and fresh. A word of warning this is not the super speedy fast food takeout place you might expect because the food is charbroiled the moment you order it. That’s how they make it super fresh and good quality. Union Burger is all over the Greater Toronto Area and in many other cities like London, Ontario too.

Union Burger also serves milkshakes, ice cream and sundaes. I am heading back soon to sample some of those.

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Union Burger Giveaway Details:

The generous people at Union Burger have provided three gift cards of $30 value for me to give away to my readers. Follow the instructions below for a chance to win.

This post has been sponsored by Union Burger which means I have been compensated. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 

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