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What Will You Do With an Extra Day? – Leap Year Ideas #travel

This year I am more than looking forward to using my extra day! I’m talking about Leap Year of course. Leap Year only comes once every four years so you should take advantage of it! Now normally if I had an extra day, I would totally use it to work. I would. Just telling it as it is. But in 2015 I became a skier and I embrace winter now because it means more chances to ski downhill and go tubing too. I am also conscious of my word of the year that I have chosen to build my personal and professional philosophy upon. Travel. So, this year I am likely to combine some exploring or travelling with winter sports. I hope to be somewhere fun in Canada for my extra day.


Actually now that I say this out loud I wish I had planned this months ago. I feel like a really dramatic travel adventure could begin on the one extra day in a Leap Year. I wish I had planned an epic trip to Ireland for my Leap Year. I feel the pull of Ireland this year. I actually feel the pull of quite a few places right now, but for Leap Year somehow the two are connected in my brain. Anyways, it’s not likely that I can pull that stunt off this fast but I have a few great ideas for ways to spend your extra day this year.

leap year

Five Great Ways to Spend Your Leap Year Day:

  1. Snowshoeing: We did this recently in Vermont and the kids loved it. There are a lot of trails in Canada too that you might enjoy. This is a great family activity.
  2. Skiing: Have you learned how to ski yet? We learned last year and we love it. I am likely to cram an extra day skiing in this year for sure. For more about where and when we learned to ski as a family you could check this post out: Learning to Ski in Two Days at Mont Tremblant. Listen I adore this sport because it is an amazing workout for everyone! You can feel it the next day for sure. Here are some ski gear tips for beginners.
  3. Dog Sledding: Oh this is so Canadian and so much fun too!! We did this at Mont Tremblant last year and the kids will remember it for life. There are many spots you can do this in Canada. Google some, or go to this dog sledding spot in Quebec.
  4. Travel: It doesn’t take much to convince me to travel. We are on a quest to visit as many spots as possible this year. It’s my annual philosophy actually – travel broadens the mind. Use your extra day to make it a long weekend? Why not? Here is my pick for most family friendly ski resort where you can do many of the things mentioned above. You can also simply take a quick road trip if you don’t have a tonne of time to spare.
  5. Tobogganing or Tubing: So much fun! Last Family Day we went tobogganing. We have yet to go tubing this year. The last time we went tubing was a few years ago at Boler Mountain in London. Maybe the Leap Year day is the day for that! After all it’s so much fun to race down the hill together.

leap year

It’s easy for me to resort to working. Being self employed means I could literally work 24/7 and still have plenty of tasks left to do. But, this year I am challenging my family to get outside for one extra day. As 2016 is a leap year, I also challenge you each to take advantage of the extra day! Try something you’ve never done before as a family and enjoy your time together by embracing winter.

Payton enjoying the ride.
Payton enjoying the dog sledding ride.

Maybe you’re not too far from a national park, or scenic trail, that’s good for snowshoeing. Last month we did some snowshoeing in Vermont and loved it.  But you really don’t need to fly or drive too far to find a spot to do snowshoeing yourself. Canada is full of amazing winter destinations featuring everything from scenic ski resorts to lively festivals. Whatever you choose to do, as long as you are spending the extra day with your kids, you’re sure to enjoy it.


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