What are the Best Flowers for Kid’s Gardens?

Cultivating a love of gardening in kids can be a lot of fun! Any child can learn to enjoy planting and growing things. I mean what’s not to love – planting, playing in the dirt and watching your plants bloom.


Making the garden an interesting and fun place will pique kid’s curiosity about growing things. Kids are notorious for being impatient, they don’t have the patience to remain interested in gardening while waiting a week to 10 days for seeds to germinate, they want results now.

These flower choices are fast to sprout and will help hold a kid’s interest by offering something unique in terms of colour or smell or perhaps even an unusually fast growth pattern.

Best Choices for Kid’s Gardens

Edible Nasturtiums

Jewel coloured nasturtiums usually sprout in about three days and the fun part about this flower is that the blooms and leaves are edible.

Nasturtiums are high in vitamin C, make a colourful salad addition and have a peppery taste. If planning to eat nasturtiums, don’t use chemical pesticides or fertilizers on them. Always double check this through with anything you grow before you consume it.

Chocolate Cosmos

Cosmos sprouts quickly and is easy to grow. The chocolate cosmos variety offers a uniquely coloured flower that looks like fine chocolate and the flower has the fragrance of sweet dark chocolate. Yum!


Marigolds are Winners

A kid’s garden would not be complete without a few marigolds tucked in. Marigolds are extremely easy to grow, the blooms will last until frost plus marigolds offer natural pest protection to the other flowers in the kid’s flower garden.

Tall Growing Zinnias

Zinnias sprout in about three days and quickly grow to about three feet in height. Zinnias come in a wide range of bloom colors and make great cut flowers that kids can use to adorn the family dinner table or give as gifts. That will help foster a passion for gardening when kids see how much others enjoy the beauty they have grown.

Just One Sunflower will Do

All it takes to engage a kid in gardening is one sunflower. Just one. More are better of course, but if there is only room for one plant, make it a sunflower. Sunflowers work beautifully in kid’s gardens, whether it is their first time growing plants or their seventh year gardening.

The classic sunflower will dazzle kids with its rapid growth. Growing several inches per day, kids love to stand next to their sunflower and compare heights. Sunflowers do come in different bloom colors and mature heights range from 2-12 feet.

Don’t Throw the Seeds Out

At the end of the garden season, when the sunflower is dried, the seeds can be removed and fed to the birds which presents another aspect of gardening for kids and further encourages them to plant and grow vegetation. If you are really into gardening with kids don’t miss this Butterfly Gardens post.

Kids naturally love to play in the dirt; harness that natural love of dirt and use it to encourage growing flowers. Chose easy-care, fast sprouting flowers that offer unique characteristics to keep kids engaged in the growing process.

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