10 New Year Celebrations for Kids

New Year celebrations for kids
New Year celebrations for kids

10 New Year Celebration Ideas for Kids

Family Slumber Party

Grab your sleeping bags, pick out a couple of your favorite movies, make a yummy dinner that everyone will enjoy, and bring out the board games. Hunker down for a great family slumber party while you watch the clock tick tock down to the New Year. Here are some of my suggestions for a great family slumber party.

Melissa and Doug Suspend Game

Mickey Mouse Playing Cards

The Bee Movie

Epic Movie

Apple Juice Toast

Indulge your kids and let them be part of the New Year’s toast. Pick up these plastic fancy champagne flutes so they don’t feel left out. Fill them with your kid’s favorite drink.

Host a New Year’s Ball

At home of course! Decorate your living room, or even your garage to create a Ball fit for your family. Customize your ball to fit your family’s style. Choose from casual or former attire (or both if someone wants to dress up and others don’t) and give everyone a chance to pick out their favorite music to dance to until 12:00 rolls in.


Vasilopita is a Greek tradition. It stands for “New Year’s Cake.” Spend New Year’s Eve baking a cake with your family. Mix a charm or penny into the batter and bake as normal. Let your kids decorate it any way they’d like. Serve your cake on New Year’s Eve night by letting the head of the household cut and serve the cake. The person who ends up with the charm in their piece of cake will have good luck the next year. Here is a great decorating kit that would be perfect for this occasion. And don’t forget the sprinkles!

Homemade Noise Makers

Have your kids make and decorate their very own noise makers for the New Year’s countdown. Recycle used water, soda, juice, or milk bottles and fill them with dry beans or rice and have them decorate them with pens, paper, or paint.

Balloon Drop

Have your kids’ help you blow up balloons, grab a balloon net, and make a balloon drop! This is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to ring in the New Year!

Karaoke Party

Nothing brings more laughter and fun than a karaoke party. Pick up one of this great karaoke party bundle, pass the mic to the kiddos, and sing your way into the New Year! If you have younger kids at home, try this karaoke mic on for size.

Stay at a Hotel for the Night

Pack up the family and head over to your favorite local hotel for the night. Pick out one with an indoor pool for even more fun. Order room service and a movie for a wonderful New Year’s night.

Create a Time Capsule

Grab an old coffee can and let your kids fill it with memories of the year. They will have a blast gluing pictures to the outside of the capsule. Bury it or hide it away until next year and open it next New Years to bring back all of the memories of this year.

Watch Family Movies

We all take family videos to capture all of those great memories, but when do we actually sit down and watch them? Take this opportunity to take a look back on the past and reminisce with your kids about all of the good times you captured on video.

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