squash roundup
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5 Scrumptious Squash Recipes

squash roundup

I am a summer girl through and through. July is the month of my birthday and I am a true July baby. I could live on the beach somewhere sunny and eat Barbecue and enjoy fresh fruits and the occasional sip of wine and be happy for the rest of my life. Fall, interrupts my happiness and doesn’t have a tonne of redeeming factors about it. But there are some great foods that I enjoy that only come around in the Autumn months.

[tweetthis]Cooking with squash is the only reason I am happy for Fall to come.[/tweetthis]

Fall foods like apples make me super happy. BUT my absolute favourite fall food is squash. Squash is so tasty and versatile. There are so many kinds of squash that you can cook and broil and grill and roast and even blend into soup or breads and muffins. It makes me happy that I have managed to win my family over to my side with some scrumptious squash recipes over the past few years. I thought I would compile a few from around the blogosphere for you here so that everyone can see what I mean about squash being the best part of the fall.

Don’t forget this one that I made several months back too. This scrumptious apple cinnamon squash soup is so rich and tasty. You really have to try it.

What’s your favourite kind of squash?

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[tweetthis]What is your favourite kind of squash? [/tweetthis]

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