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8 Delicious Zucchini Recipes Everyone Will Love

zucchini-recipesZucchini is one of my Go To Favourite Family Vegetables. We have typically grown zucchini in our garden every year but when we moved here to this new neighbourhood we lost that opportunity. Our backyard is a pool and large deck so don’t feel too bad for me. My garden space is very limited and so I gave up the massive zucchinis that the garden used to produce every year at this time. But I refuse to give up zucchini recipes and I have been visiting many seasonal food markets to load up on this versatile vegetable.

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Zucchini is inexpensive and nutritious plus I love it myself. My husband enjoys zucchini recipes too (well he doesn’t have a choice since I cook with it often.). My kids are less enamoured with this vegetable BUT one of the things I really enjoy about cooking zucchini recipes is that I can often conceal the zucchini inside a recipe and they don’t always know they are eating it. My favourite way to enjoy zucchini is just to sauté it or grill it on the barbecue.

If you have a garden full of zucchini and you don’t know what to do with them – which tends to happen with zucchini because it grows like a weed – these eight zucchini recipes will help you to use up some of the extra zucchini squash you have.

Which of these will you try first? Do you have a favourite zucchini recipe?

8 Zucchini Recipes Roundup:

Baked Zucchini Pinwheels – Cute as a Fox
Beer Battered Zucchini Onion Rings – Who Needs a Cape?
Zucchini Lasagna – My Turn for Us
Quick and Easy Zucchini Bites Appetizer – Happiness is Homemade
Zucchini & Sweet Corn Saute – Hot Eats and Cool Reads
Greek Style Feta Zucchini Salad – Home-Ology Modern Vintage
Zucchini Bacon Cheese Bites – Dizzy Busy and Hungry
Roasted Zucchini and Potatoes – Oh My Creative

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