App Love: RoadNinja – Navigation Tools for Drivers and a #giveaway

I am an iPhone junkie. That’s right I love my iPhone with a passion that is not fleeting and I adore a good app or two. So here I give you another new series that I propose to regularly run on weekends. App Love.

Just in time for Memorial Day in the US and a slew of summer holiday weekends and roadtrips, I give you RoadNinja a free app for iPhone and Android phones and iPad as well. Sadly, this gorgeous little app is only available in the U.S. so far, but marketing people tell me it may be available in Canada should demand be there. This one has been heralded already as an app that Apple should have come up with itself. So why is that and what does it do?

Basic look of  it is clearly adorable. And the name, well we are a house full of martial arts studying people and little people so chances are if you call it Ninja anything I will buy it.
 Road-tripping this summer? You’d be wise to pick and download RoadNinja. From the passenger seat you partner can key in the upcoming exit on the Interstate and RoadNinja will tell you the nearest coffee shop, restroom, gas station or Chick-Fil-A. (I am a Chick-Fil-A obsessed gal) 
As well, you can compare gas station prices and find the cheapest one going. No idea how it can manage such a feat of technology. But love it.

See? Price comparisons for gas.

Automatically detects the location and displays the nearest upcoming exit. Displays are limited to three miles of the user. So, in other words you can comparison shop for deals within the nearest three miles. You can save your favorite businesses for return trips.
RoadNinja runs off iOS 4.2 or later. It was just updated one week ago May 2012 to include the gas prices, grade of gas and comparison of prices. Detailed service info too in 1.4.0 made by Lamar Advertising.

From the press release: According to the AAA Memorial Day 2012 Travel Forecast, 88% of Memorial Day travelers will do so by car – that’s 30.7 million people hitting the road.  Check out some of the ways RoadNinja can help moms traveling this holiday weekend:
·         NEW! Home Screen – RoadNinja’s new home screen makes it easy for travelers to explore upcoming exits, discover places nearby or view the interstate directory to plan their road trip.
·         NEW! Gas Prices – RoadNinja incorporated gas prices into the app to help you slash through costs and find the best deal to fuel your trip.  Cost-conscious travelers can also tap the Promotions icon to learn about specials and savings within a three mile radius.
·         Find the Right Exit – RoadNinja shows users what’s available at any exit – even up to 3,000 miles ahead – so you can plan ahead and keep the family happy on those long road trips.  Travelers can use the app to find their preferred gasoline brand, favorite restaurant chain, nearest attraction and no fee ATM all at the same exit.
·         Plan Your Holiday Shopping Route – RoadNinja is customizable, so you don’t have to miss out on those Memorial Day shopping sales.  Set the categories displayed to Shops, Apparel and Department Stores, so you know exactly where to exit for the best savings and shopping.

Not only can you get the app free, but two of my readers can also get a fun package of assorted RoadNinja gadgets, including iPhone case, travel mug and car shades. Also Android RoadNinja dolls.

This is an old school giveaway:

To win any of these items. (2 random mixed prize packages: gadgets, iPhone cases and travel mugs etc.)

I Canadian winner (one package for Canadian friends)
and 1 (one for US)

MANDATORY: you must simply leave a comment here and tell me what is one of your favourite apps. Leave me a way to contact you. Also please follow me on twitter @inkscrblr or tell me if you already do.

Contest ends June 8th when I will send a package to you. I was not paid to review this app. My opinion is all my own. This app gets a $$$$ 1/2 out of $$$$$. It would be a full five $$$$$ if it was available already in Canada.

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  • Anonymous

    Just finished going to WDW. MobileMagic and FourSquare were big winners in the parks. MobileMagic for navigating wait times. FourSquare for all the awesome tips. Already follow you on Twitter. @juliepile

  • Niki

    SoundHound is probably my fav iPhone app. I already follow you on twitter & you can reach me at @JustNikiV there.

  • Margarita Ibbott

    I don’t have an iPhone or iPad but I can put apps on my iPod…which I do have and use more often when I am in the States.

    My favourite app is the CTS (Chicago Transit System) app that tells you when a bus is coming to your stop. You just put in the bus stop code and voila…you know when it will be here.

    I like to travel to Chicago a lot (o.k. 2-3 times a year) and I use it every time I am there.

    I am @DownshiftingPOS and you know where to get a hold of me 🙂